He looked at her belly in question.

“A month plus,” answered Natalie.


Realization dawned on Shane just then. It seemed like he had already recovered more than a month ago.

“Oh, by the way.” Thinking of something, Natalie abruptly raised her head to look at the man sternly. “Previously on the phone, I heard Dr. Baker saying something about putting you on medication. And I also remember seeing some medicine on the bedside table before. What were they for? What if it ends up affecting the baby?”

Grasping her meaning, Shane’s expression turned somber. “They were for infertility. I’m not sure if it’ll affect the baby.”


“Infertility? Why were you taking drugs for that?” Natalie asked in surprise.

Shane cleared his throat awkwardly.

But his face turned icy the next second, and a trace of hatred appeared in his eyes. “It was Sam. He knew he couldn’t steal Thompson Group from me, so he wanted to ensure I was unable to produce any heirs. This way, Thompson Group would eventually end up in his family’s hands.”

Natalie gasped in shock. “But he’s your uncle. How could he do something like that to you? First, he killed your parents. Then he did something so horrible to you, his own nephew.”


that moment, Natalie’s heart ached for


was close to a miracle that he managed to survive this far with Sam plotting against him at every

fine. I’m alright now. I’m just worried about the baby…” Shane clenched his fists in anger. “I’ll consult




to go to the hospital where

her lips and said, “Dr. Baker is Ms. Graham’s boyfriend. If we tell him I’m pregnant, Ms. Graham would end up knowing as well, and I don’t want her to know. I’m sure you’re aware that I don’t like her. I feel like she’s out

anything, Natalie pressed her index finger

paranoid, but listen to this, and

out her phone and played the recording of the conversation she had with

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spoke in a hoarse voice. “You think Jacqueline was behind both attempts on your life, and

deep breath, Natalie continued with an expressionless face, “Connor’s


in, and you might have doubts about it. Let’s first ignore whether Jacqueline was responsible for all the things I just mentioned, and just focus on the cat abuse incident Alice talked

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