Mrs. Wilson was so happy that the corners of her eyes crinkled into a smile. “What amazing news! Come, come. Let’s go downstairs for dinner, then we can cut the cake after that. The children have been whining about eating cake.”

“Let’s go. We don’t want to keep the kids waiting now, do we?” With that, Shane led Natalie down the stairs.

Mrs. Wilson prepared a scrumptious meal.

The two children enjoyed the food and were satisfied by the end of their meal.

After that, Natalie brought over the cake, lit the candles, and asked Mrs. Wilson to switch off the lights.


The dining room was shrouded in darkness, with only the candle flames illuminating everyone’s faces.

Under the prompting of Natalie and the two children, Shane made two birthday wishes, then asked Mrs. Wilson to cut the cake that the children had been so excited for.

Natalie glanced at the children who were leaning forward to look at Mrs. Wilson cutting into the cake before asking, “What did you wish for, Darling?”

Shane also gazed at them lovingly as he answered, “It’s a secret.”

Natalie pouted slightly in response. “Fine. Don’t tell me.”


Shane’s lips curved into a small smile. “You’ll find out one day.”

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