Sally said while playing with her phone, “Relax. Mr. Shane is probably on his way here.”

“I’m just worried he’d be late and Nat won’t even get to see him for the last time,” Joyce snapped back.

Sally almost choked when she heard that. “For the last time? Are you cursing Mr. Shane or Nat?”

Only then did Joyce realize her mistake. Smacking her forehead, she bemoaned, “What’s wrong with me? Sorry, Nat. D*mn my mouth!”

“It’s fine.” Natalie shook her head with a chuckle. “Let’s just wait. Sal is right. He’s probably on the way here.”


Joyce shrugged and stopped talking after that.

Suddenly, an annoying high-pitched voice reached their ears. “Why, if it isn’t Sally and Natalie? Fancy meeting you both here. Where are you heading off to?”

Hannah sashayed over in a pair of shades and high heels.

frowned slightly, but decided to ignore


got to her feet and countered,


based on your standards, I doubt you’re going anywhere impressive. I, on the other hand, am participating in a national competition. It’s one of the top

only a nameless designer, while you’re a trashy model.” She pointed at Natalie, then at Sally. “So both of you have probably never heard about this competition. I bet you have no idea what I


and Sally’s mouths twitched upon

Joyce and Sally, who were looking at Hannah like she was the world’s dumbest

Is she cuckoo or something?” Joyce

no doubt about that. Otherwise, she wouldn’t say

Hannah a contemptuous glance. “You should pay the doctor a visit if you

silent, a

laugh only served to make Hannah feel insulted. The latter took off her shades

know where we’re going but you went ahead to make idiotic assumptions. What

do we know what competition you’re talking about, but we’re also participating in it. Like you, I was also invited to

Natalie’s shoulder and smiled

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