Just then, Silas’s voice rang out, “Madam.”

The women shifted their gazes to see Shane and Silas walking toward them.


Sally let go of Natalie’s shoulder and smiled impishly. “Nat, Mr. Shane is here.”

Natalie rolled her eyes. “I see that, thanks.”

Stifling a smile, Sally and Joyce retreated a few steps, allowing the couple some privacy.

Jessie and Hannah, on the other hand, did not intend to move their feet. Both their gazes fell on Shane.

Hannah’s eyes shone with unfiltered greed when she looked at the man, whereas Jessie’s eyes were filled with admiration.

Underneath the admiration was a less perceptible longing that had quickly disappeared from her eyes.

“There’s was a bit of traffic on the way. Sorry to have kept you waiting,” uttered Shane.


Natalie shook her head. “That’s alright. You’re here now.”


The man pulled her into his arms and said, “I’ll watch the competition. Take good care while you’re over there and give me a call if anything happens.”

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