Blood drained from Hannah’s face as her eyes filled with terror.

Jessie pulled the woman aside in a hurry and said to Shane, “I’m so sorry, Mr. Shane. I apologize on her behalf.”

The man completely ignored Jessie’s words, acting as though it was air passing through. He then turned to Natalie and spoke softly, “I have a meeting later, so I’ll be heading off now. Text me before you board.”

“Okay.” Natalie nodded.

The next thing she knew, Shane lifted her chin and kissed her on the mouth.


Her face turned crimson instantly. It did not help that Joyce and Sally were whistling and cheering on the side.

Jessie and Hannah, on the other hand, were watching them with downcast eyes.

“What are you doing? People are staring.” Natalie snapped back to reality and pushed him away.

Wiping the corner of his mouth with a thumb, Shane threw an intimidating glance toward Joyce and Sally, who quickly waved their hands. “No, no. We didn’t see anything.”


Feeling satisfied, the man shifted his gaze back to Natalie. “They didn’t see anything.”


Just go before you’re late

call when you arrive,” Shane reminded before


nodded politely at the

can’t help but notice someone try to openly seduce another woman’s husband. I suppose some

it liberating to see her getting shot down and publicly humiliated?” Joyce chimed in,

and cried, “Stop

to whoever is taking this personally,” Sally


you not humiliated enough? Stop making a fool of yourself, or I’ll take another model with me for

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softened when she turned to Natalie.

Enlighten me, though. Why did you choose

flashed across the woman’s eyes before she answered, “Well, I thought

eyes are not very sharp,”

be heading inside now. Let’s catch

“Sure.” Natalie nodded.

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