Joyce tilted her head in puzzlement as she leafed through the notebook. “This is weird.”

“What is it?” Natalie asked curiously.


Joyce handed the notebook over to her. “These are all design blueprints, and it’s rather mediocre. They don’t look like Jessie’s design works at all.”

Like Natalie, Jessie had been lauded as one of the most talented designers in the country.

I’ve seen her designs before. They were at least in the same league as Nat’s. But the ones in this notebook are nothing more than the quality of an amateur.


“You’re right.” Sally nodded in assent. “These drawings are no different from those of mass-market fast fashion. They’re not up to par at all.”

Natalie kept silent and continued to flip through the pages.

These really are just some substandard designs, which don’t look like Jessie’s usual work at all. What is going on?

Before she could dwell on it any longer, the airport broadcast called all passengers for boarding.


“Let’s not overthink this. Maybe this belongs to Jessie’s apprentice,” Natalie stated.


“Who in the world would carry their apprentice’s stuff around? I know I wouldn’t,” Joyce disagreed.

Sally nodded. “Me too.”


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