Sharon did as she was told.

Connor, too, missed his mother. But being the more mature one, he was not as teary-eyed as his sister.

Natalie could not help but feel a little conflicted. On one hand, she did not have to worry as much about Connor as she did for Sharon. On another hand, she feared that the boy might be too mature for his age.

After they spoke on the phone for a while, the cell phone was finally handed back to its owner.

“What time did you arrive?”


Natalie leaned her back against the balcony railing before saying, “I’m checking in with you right after our arrival at the villa. Aren’t you going to comment on my effort?”

Shane let out a chortle. “Sure.”

“Hey, what’s that supposed to mean?” Natalie rolled her eyes.

The man paused for a moment before he replied, “Then tell me how you would like me to respond. I’ll try my best to comply.”


time. It doesn’t go with your character


way, Jacqueline has moved out.” Shane

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Jackson came over to help

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I wasn’t around.” Shane shook his

let out a sigh at that. I was hoping to hear the

the phone for another ten minutes before Natalie had to

as Shane put down his phone.

visit at such a late hour. “Mrs. Wilson, can you take the kids upstairs and

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Graham yesterday. Here’s something you need to see,”

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