Shane nodded and said, “Of course. He’s Jacqueline’s boyfriend, and he has the right to know these things. What he plans to do with that information is entirely up to him, though… But…”

“Mr. Shane, please continue.”


“When you tell Jackson about this, make sure Jacqueline’s not around.”

“Got it, Mr. Shane. I’ll be careful.” Silas nodded in assent.

Massaging his temples, Shane was starting to believe Natalie’s suspicion toward Jacqueline.

Maybe Jacqueline is the true culprit. The sheer audacity of her actions is shocking, given her age.

Suddenly Shane asked, “The Garcia family and the Gunn family are political rivals, yes?”

Silas’ expression turned serious as he nodded. “They are. Why are you asking this?”

“There’ve been two attempts on Natalie’s life; I had Mr. Gunn investigate both incidents. He identified Alice as the final culprit, but now we know that the woman is innocent. Since then, Natalie’s been suspecting Jacqueline as the true culprit. I can’t help but agree with her on this.”


“If Jacqueline is indeed the real culprit, it would


is Mr. Gunn’s great-granddaughter. He’s not going to throw her to the

responsible for the


the Garcia family is planning to revitalize an old, cultural city for higher approval ratings. I know for a fact that they’re short on funds. Get in touch with them secretly and

way to deal with a family in politics was to get their rival to do

rivals for many years. If the Garcia family caught wind of

of Shane’s strategy, Silas agreed to

or the Gunn family find

to me,

giving his reassurance, and Shane went upstairs, rubbing his temples

after arriving overseas. Once they got over their jetlag, they attended the opening ceremony

fashion show displaying the designs of the judges for this

designer. Some were still active

résumé of the judges only highlighted the

seasoned supermodels here,”

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