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Chapter 4 When You’ve Figured out It, Come Find Me

The night before Khalid said that he confirmed her identity and now he couldn’t wait to see her. But she was crying over money.

When she was a child she never cried, her eyes would go red and she would put on a hurt expression but tears would never fall from her eyes. Only when she was acting coquettishly with him did she cry, however this was just an act and not real crying.

But this time she really cried, just like how she cried so miserably that day when he went to the Chambers family and took her away.

Within the past 6 years she had changed a lot, to the extent that she was not what he remembered in his memory. Before she had a well-rounded face, but now her face was a lot thinner than before and her chin had also become pointier. However her skin was still as pale, the kind of healthy clear pale skin that was very pleasing to the eye.

However entrenched on her face was a hideous scar that was the size of three fingers.

Apart from this one flaw, her eyes were still so clear as if she could see right through into someone’s heart.

As he looked down, his gaze fell from her slender neck onto her collarbone. He noticed that the mole she had on the left side was gone, however was now replaced with a scar.

“Mr Julian, you have known our situation. We can’t sell it, and I hope you are able to make an exception.” Sadie was anxious under his gaze. Layers of sweat was already on his forehead; however she was sitting upright and had no intention of cowering.

50 million could not only purchase the welfare home, but could also buy the land nearby. If he really insisted to take the money to do this then she didn’t mind to turn a blind eye, since in any case she didn’t write the IOU.

Julian put his hand down on the armrest of the wooden sofa, tapped his fingers a few times on the armrest and then said casually, “Why should I have to make an exception?”

Sadie was so dumbfounded she almost blurted out, “Because you are such a fool and burn through so much money.”

Then at this moment, the door of the reception room was opened and a young man wearing a handmade suit walked in.

The man had regular features however the expression on his face was as cold as Julian’s which made people afraid to look at him directly.

It was Khalid from the night before who wrote her a cheque at the hospital. Sadie looked away unperturbed and then heard the man’s voice full of respect, “Master Julian.”

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sold both the land and the house for a total of about 7 million. Dean Esme mortgaged the orphanage to DHG Group, and the money received from this

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