Forced To Marry The CEO

Chapter Twenty One

Meri khushi tujhse hai,

Meri hansi tujhse hai,

Tu jaan hai meri ye,

Ye jindgi tujhse hai....................

Mere dil ki dhadkan,

Meri sand tujhse hai,

Tu zindgi ka maksad,

Sare khwab tujhse hai.....................

Mera pyar tujhse hai,

Meri har tujhse hai,

Tu labz hai mere,

Ye jazbat tujhse hai...........................


Mom got to know that Sana was also with me so she already asked the servant to bring some

which were growing for Arav. I was not able to collect my thoughts. Suddenly all his care and protection were running into my mind. Today he made an important place in my heart. I never get this much care and

voice broke the chain of thoughts in my

you thing Ankti?" She asked me with

today..........Arav............I don't know" I

me anything," She said and nodded to

she never judges me. She was like my sister, We shared the bond which was beyond the sister's love, She always understands me and felling without my explanation.

good thing to make them saw their place, He fulfilled the responsibility of the husband, when you told me about the principle incident I did not totally believe you but when I saw it from my own eyes, I was very much shocked and impressed with him. Today my respect for him

Ankti?" She asked me suddenly making me look at her in

do you mean Sana," I asked her with a



that she understood me better than anyone, see here was the

whenever he was near me and whenever I was with him and today what he did for me was something which was beyond my expectation and which increased my respect for him. I never thought that someone will ever take a stand for me and accept me as his wife in front of everyone and that too at that time when they were saying the disgusting thing about me, I mean he did not doubt at me for second and did not believe their words, It showed that he trusts me, but I am confused about my feeling

him don't you," she asked and I

do not know," I said

you will answer me without ant

whenever he does not near

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