Forensic Imperial Concubine

Chapter 767 The Library Collapsed (Part One)

A day had passed and yet the library door remained firmly shut with no one able to open it. As Lance returned to the Imperial Palace, the Holy Maiden stood guard from outside. Her face was solemn as she recalled what she had been told about the library. Only the Holy Maiden would be able to open its door. For years that had held true until Harper arrived here and changed everything. Now, the library was denying her access no matter how hard she tried. She was clueless about what had changed. Still, she was certain that this weird phenomenon must have something to do with Harper.

Diana didn't leave the Starry Palace either. She glanced at the Holy Maiden, taking pleasure in her misfortune. "Catherine, as the Holy Maiden, you seem to be quite ordinary. What? Can't you even open the library door and go inside? If that's the case, don't you think it's time for you to give up on being the Holy Maiden?"

The Holy Maiden, on the other hand, merely turned a deaf ear to Diana's teasing. All her concern was over the library. Over and over, she tried to form a connection. However, she just couldn't feel a thing. Ever since Harper got sucked into it, the connection was severed.

"Hey, Catherine, I'm talking to you! Would it kill you to reply?" Diana growled as she stomped forward and grabbed Catherine's sleeve. Right then, the earth shook again. Diana failed to stay on her feet and was thrown a distance back. Catherine also fell to the ground because of the great shock. But she was better than Diana. She did not care about her own safety. Instead, her gaze shot straight to the library.

The enormous library fell through the ground and sank beneath the earth right in front of them. In seconds, it had become nothing but a pile of ruins. Dust filled the air as the earth rocked. The entire South Kingdom was shaken up, its people growing jittery at the strange happening. Even Lance who had just fallen asleep woke from his slumber.

"Your Majesty, something is wrong!" someone anxiously called out as he ran into the king's quarters.

Lance shot up from the bed at once and asked, "What happened? Why are you panicking like this?"

the Starry Palace!" replied the

the Starry Palace. "What? Did something happen to

the servant said anxiously. If Matthew found out his beloved wife was buried inside, he would go crazy. The whole South Kingdom

himself. Fortunately, the servant beside him was quick to react and keep him from falling onto the floor. He understood the severity of the situation. Lance bristled as he gave out his order. "Go find her! She


library was an essential part of it and had now collapsed, almost taking the rest of the palace with it. Broken white jade

was also in a terrible state herself, as the incident had badly hurt her leg. Now the Starry Palace, which everyone revered,

was now wrecked, yet somehow a part of her was happy to know that. Why

regained their senses and came to help her and Catherine get out. More guards and servants began to clean up the debris

to rest. Waking up from the earthquake in the middle of the night, he had the sudden urge to run away. However, he wasn't quick enough and was struck on the head by falling glazed tiles. When he appeared in front of the

"Slow down, Your Highness!"

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