Forensic Imperial Concubine

Chapter 769 The Battle Of The Birch Pass (Part One)

At that time, the clearing of the library's ruins was still in progress. After all the envoys from other countries had already left, the Holy Maiden asked her men to surround the library of the Starry Palace. Harper had excellent martial arts skills so they needed to be on their guard. No matter if she was dead or alive, they wouldn't let her leave the South Kingdom with the Holy Article.

Meanwhile, Harper was still trapped under the ruins. Although the spiritual power protected her, she wouldn't be able to hold on for a long time. So she was trying really hard to find a way out while the people outside continued to clear the ruins. Finally, she used the spiritual power to find a weak spot with the intention of forcing her way out.

In the meantime, the twelve secret guards had been hiding in the dark. They had sent the news the day the library collapsed. Two days had passed, but they hadn't heard back yet. They didn't dare to take any action. They could only wait for the rescue from Lance.

During this time, the Birch Pass was being controlled by Luther. Its terrain was easy to defend but extremely hard to attack. When Francis rushed back to the Birch Pass to meet Luther, the whole pass became a barrier, effectively blocking the Black Flag Army.

"Your Highness, the Black Flag Army has already gathered outside the border. It's very likely that Prince Matthew is already with the army by now." In fact, Luther was a little worried. Matthew's Black Flag Army had invincible power and influence. Even if the Birch Pass was gifted with a natural barrier, it wouldn't hold back the army for a long time. If Matthew were to push too hard, the common people in the Birch Pass would certainly be in danger.

Francis crumpled the note that contained the news which he had just received. With a flash of pain in his eyes, he then commanded, "Spread the news that the library of the South Kingdom collapsed and Princess Harper hasn't come out from the ruins."

"Your Highness, is this the right time to concern yourself about Princess Harper?" Luther asked. The astonishment was apparent on his face.

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taking a deep breath, Shawn turned to Matthew and said, "Your Highness, just go to the South Kingdom. I can stay here and manage the

only reason why he had been able to leave her in there. But what he didn't expect was for her to be buried under the library. At that moment, there were a lot of questions on his mind. 'What happened? Was the library's collapse an accident or a plot against us? And if it was a plot indeed, who was

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folded his arms on top of his chest and replied, "Prince Francis was brought up in the Imperial Palace. So he has a narrow perception about everything. I don't think he knows what kind of person our prince is. By the

shoulder to shoulder with His Highness,"

herself in the South Kingdom, she can protect herself

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