Forensic Imperial Concubine

Chapter 770 The Battle Of The Birch Pass (Part Two)

"General, would you like to accept the challenge?" the deputy general asked.

"Who is the enemy's general that will lead the first attack?" Luther asked in a low voice. He had never expected that he would one day stand on the other side, as a traitor facing against the army of the Bright Dynasty.

"It is said to be General Shawn."

When Luther heard that, his eyes shined a bit. 'So it's him, ' he thought. With a smirk, he then commanded, "Give the order and get ready to fight."

"Luther, close the gates and keep watch," Francis commanded when Luther approached him.

Upon hearing this, Luther turned around and looked at Francis with the same serious expression on his face. "Your Highness, the enemy's leader in this battle is General Shawn," he said.

Francis was taken aback by the unexpected news. He couldn't believe what he just heard. Shawn, who was supposed to be in the north domain, had come to the south domain? When did he arrive? A lot of questions were on his mind but he only said one of them. "Why did he come here?"

"Presumably, ever since Prince Matthew started preparing to come here, he has already chosen a person to be in charge of the south domain." A complex expression flashed through Luther's eyes before he added, "I just didn't expect it to be General Shawn."

clouds gathering in the sky. With

was a person of great discernment. He instantly realized that there were two valiant generals from the north domain: General Shawn, and the rising newcomer, General Carlson!

was the most suitable candidate to take charge of the south domain. Although Shawn's family had done a great favor for the late emperor, they didn't come from the exclusive royal bloodline.

sneer. 'You have even figured out how to get rid of the malignant tumor hidden in the south domain. Do you really have no ambition, Matthew? If you don't, why did you even

a hint of desperation. If he could fight


sure if he could come back alive. He also didn't want to disappoint Francis in giving him false hopes. "I will try my best,"

you must come back alive!" There were a lot of things that Francis was feeling—misery, desolation, and most of all, he felt abandoned. Except for Luther, there was no

responded before he left

tower to watch everything. It was in July and the sun was burning so bright that it caused pain to everyone's skins. Becky approached Francis and held an umbrella for him. "Your Highness, the sun is scorching here. Why don't

Matthew is very adamant and even a little desperate to defeat the Birch Pass so he can go and rescue Harper. But that's not going to

Shawn who was in a military uniform did not look like a mere scholar anymore. No one would associate him with the word "frailty" now. He was a powerful soldier dressed in the grandest military uniform.

"General Shawn."

"General Luther.

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