Forensic Imperial Concubine

Chapter 772 Try Murdering Her Own Sister (Part Two)

"Guest?" Diana moved her eyes vengefully on Harper from head to toe and sneered at her. "What kind of a guest would destroy the host's palace in this way?"

Harper remained unmoved by Diana's disrespectful remark. Rather, she refuted, "In fact, it is me who should be asking this to you. I was invited to attend the Worship Ceremony in your country. However, during the ceremony, I was framed to assassinate Prince Kile of the Wonder Kingdom. Later somehow I got locked up in the library where I was almost about to lose consciousness out of starvation. As if that was not enough, even the library collapsed. Had it not been for my luck being by my side, I would have died and crushed under your palace. Don't you think the South Kingdom should explain everything that I have suffered to me?" Harper reasoned with the two eminent ladies. She had always been very smart in proving her point. Since neither side had any evidence of what really had happened, she could very conveniently narrate her version of the story.

Catherine took a step forward and said, "Lady Harper, please give the Holy Article of our country back to me."

Looking straight at Catherine with meaningful eyes, Harper said, "Your Grace, haven't you used the Holy Article of the South Kingdom as a gift? Look, I haven't received any gift from you. Why are you expecting to take the Holy Article back from me?"

"Lady Harper, please stop beating around the bush. If you hadn't touched the Holy Article of the South Kingdom, the library would not have collapsed in the first place," Catherine said, narrowing her eyes on Harper. Her face hardened and her eyes exuded a lethal stillness. For the first time, she was so exasperated to see how shameless Harper could be.

"Your Grace, could you please tell me how the Holy Article looks like."

"It's a jade pendant," Catherine answered calmly, staring at Harper. "Lady Harper, please give the jade pendant back to me now."

Harper gave an impish smile at Catherine and took out several jade pendants from her clothes. Then she went on introducing the jade pendants to Catherine and Diana one by one. "This is the jade pendant I was given by the royal family on my wedding day. This one is a gift from my husband when he was in a good mood one day. This is the one that my mother left to me. This one, I bought from a store. Which one do you want, please?"

replied in a colder voice, "Lady Harper, I don't want to fight

some unknown reason. Then the library collapsed, which almost killed me. I had a hard time getting back my life, but you're questioning me about something that I have

opened her mouth at this point. "I

get one thing very straight and clear. Today, if you don't give the Holy Article back to us, you

lightning speed, she made a swift move and grabbed Diana's neck. Then she pricked Diana at her acupuncture point with a

move. I know you are deft at using poisons on others. Pardon me for using this little trick on you. Your Grace, could you please tell your people to step aside?" Harper said, seizing Diana as a hostage. "Otherwise, your beloved younger sister might have to lose

from Harper to Diana. Diana never looked so helpless in her entire life. She seemed unwilling to give in. Her eyes welled up. She could never imagine that she would fall into Harper's hands in this way without any ability to fight back.

to, but you

lips as she said in a sardonic tone, "Princess Diana, you might be a princess in the South Kingdom, but for me, you're not even as significant as an ant. Even if I kill you, Lance would not be able to do anything to me, because I have the entire Bright Dynasty, the three hundred thousand troops of the Black Flag Army, and Matthew as my support. You see, I won't get hurt even if I kill you right here, right now. So, dare not provoke me. You may be useful for

into a ghastly expression. She felt ashamed and angry at the same time because Harper had spoken about the exact thoughts that were there in her mind at the moment. She had planned to threaten Harper with her identity as the princess of the South Kingdom. But she had forgotten that Harper had a more powerful background than her.

said slowly in an assuring tone. Although she didn't want to save

her head, saying, "Your Grace, ask your people to get out of the way. Don't try

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