Forensic Imperial Concubine

Chapter 774 Forced Into The Labyrinth Swamp (Part Two)

Unable to hold it back any longer, Lance spat out the blood in his mouth. The eunuch and the guards became frightened. "Shamans! Call the shamans right this second."

The situation in the Imperial Palace was nothing short of chaos. While Lance was spitting blood, a lot of shamans came to the palace in a hurry. Meanwhile, Matthew with his troops, was attacking the cities of the South Kingdom. It was reported that the Starry Palace had been destroyed. All of the people in the South Kingdom were hysterical. If Lance became seriously ill, the kingdom would be ruined soon enough!

"Shaman, how is the emperor?"

Being summoned by Lance, all the officials of the South Kingdom rushed to the palace. Their kingdom was in grave danger at that time. If anything bad happened to Lance who was an important pillar of the entire kingdom, it would suddenly turn this chaotic situation into a hopeless one.

"His Majesty spat blood and then fainted due to excessive rage. He is fine now. He has already woken up, but he can't be stressed out or provoked. His Majesty calls for all of you," the shaman announced.

"Okay," the officials stated in chorus.

All of them walked into the room one by one. Meanwhile, Lance leaned against his bed with a pale face and said, "You are all here."

"Your Majesty."

already know the current situation of our kingdom. Matthew with his Black Flag Army is now heading towards the south and soon they will arrive at our capital. To put it plainly, it's going to be hard for our soldiers to resist. I'm afraid it won't be long before the South Kingdom falls." Lance coughed twice before he continued, "I didn't expect that it would turn out to

Matthew attacking the South Kingdom? It was all because of Princess Harper,' he thought. The officials were all thinking that before Prince Matthew and his army could come to the kingdom, he needed

suggestion, a hint of hatred appeared in his eyes. "Speaking of Harper... She kidnapped Diana and strayed into

tell about it. What was more, a lot of highly skilled shamans once tried to enter the swamp, looking for secret medicines to make those long-lost secret remedies. However, their efforts were in vain as they had never come back. Even as a

do now? Princess Harper went to the Labyrinth Swamp herself. It's not our

asked, "Do you think Matthew is a reasonable man? If she had been fine in our kingdom, why would she have

in dismay. How could they know what Harper was thinking? She was the one who dared to go to the swamp on her own! Was she courting death? They wouldn't know. Besides,

the princess and run to the Labyrinth Swamp

which had been stolen by Harper, he had sent guards to surround the Starry Palace. Harper abducted his daughter so that she could escape. On her way out, she was so agitated

the blame on Harper. If Matthew looked into the matter, the South Kingdom would evade the responsibility as

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