Forensic Imperial Concubine

Chapter 775 The Deadly Adventure (Part One)

As they stood at the entry point of the Labyrinth Swamp, everyone looked ahead with a lot of fear in their heart. The obscure stretch that lay ahead of them and the sickening odor coming from the swamp made them feel like going back. At that moment, Harper handed over an antidote pill to each one of them. These pills were meant to protect people from the miasma that pervaded inside the Labyrinth Swamp. Taking the pills in their hands, all her followers glanced at Harper. The resolute look on her face indicated that no matter how bad the path was, there was no turning back. Harper gave a pill to Diana as well. If she did not take the antidote pill, she would die inhaling the poisonous gas within a matter of two hours.

Diana looked at the antidote pill in her hand with a frown and said, "There is no use of taking this antidote pill. It will not work here. The Labyrinth Swamp is a dead end. Nobody can get out of it alive. The miasma in the swamp is more than ten times stronger than outside. Since I will die anyway, it doesn't matter whether I take it or not."

Harper got irked at Diana's remark. She grabbed Diana's chin and forced her to swallow the pill. "Now that I have made up my mind to enter the Labyrinth Swamp, it means I'm not afraid of this place no matter what lies ahead."

Laughing grimly, Diana said, "You outsiders have no idea how dreadful the Labyrinth Swamp is. Even the best shamans in the South Kingdom can't survive the deadly poisons here. Even if you..."

Diana paused as soon as she remembered who she was talking to. She was reminded that Harper's blood could kill even the most poisonous creature. Hence, Harper might be braced against all the poisonous elements in the Labyrinth Swamp. Maybe she could survive. But that did not apply to others.

"I understand that your special physical abilities can protect you from the dreadful miasma in the Labyrinth Swamp. But what about the poisonous insects and fearful beasts? How will you save yourself or us from them?" Diana's face looked pallid and ghastly. Catherine's attack not only injured her shoulder but it impacted her internal organs as well. Although Harper had administered the necessary pills to treat her internal injury, her face still looked exhausted out of pain and fatigue.

"Let her walk by herself," Harper ordered the secret guards who had been supporting Diana. Then, she took a glance at Diana and added, "Your lives are more important than her. If she wants to die, just let her be. No need to care so much about her."

you mean, Harper Chu?" Diana

But that doesn't make any difference to you.

what you are talking about," Diana argued, setting her eyes

on me. Sometimes there were people from my own family and sometimes there were enemies in the guise of friends. But look at me. I have never denied myself the chance to live my life to the fullest. When others want me to die, I try to be alive more than ever. I will not only live but also live a better life than anyone else," Harper said with gritted teeth, grabbing Diana's collar. "If I was in your place and my

in the Chu Clan mansion, everybody else except her grandmother, wanted her to die. However, she

biological sister. Blood is thicker than water!" Diana

Harper snorted again. "Even my biological father tried to kill me, let alone sisters. Besides, does affection between sisters really exist in a royal family?" Harper looked into Diana's eyes with a formidable look on her face and then, in an instant, released her grip on Diana's collar. Unprepared for this sudden stance, Diana fell on the ground with a thud. "Go away if you want to die. I don't want to

shoulders seemed to be proving every word she said. Diana could not help but feel moved and her eye softened. Diana thought to herself, 'I don't owe anything to Catherine. On the contrary, Catherine had taken the position of the Holy Maiden from me.' Since their childhood, whenever they had a common liking towards something, Lance had never hesitated to give it to Catherine. If at all anyone owned me anything, it was Catherine. Yes! Catherine owed a lot to her. But Catherine always made it look like she had

not going to die. I'll go out of the swamp alive to get back at Catherine!" she

filled with heavy miasma making the visibility blurred. "Go ahead. Be careful along the way. Take care of each other," she

"Yes, Your Highness."

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