Go After My Ex-wife

Chapter 1080 Her Words Did Not Have Any Particular Meaning

After Raeleigh accompanied Novalie for a stroll in the yard, she sent her back to the room before taking a seat on the couch downstairs. When one had something on their mind, it was hard to see other things in their surroundings. Even the smartest ones would be in a daze.

Santiago was still mad at Deanna and Zorion that morning. He still had not gotten over it yet. He pulled a long face at breakfast. If it weren't for Novalie's presence, then he would have definitely vented out his frustrations at Raeleigh.

However, before he realized it, Deanna was chatting away with Raeleigh on the couch. Raeleigh was still in a daze as she sat there. It was still morning, so Santiago was bothered by it.

After taking an apple from the kitchen, Santiago walked towards Raeleigh and sat down beside her. He took a sniff of the apple and waved the apple in front of Raeleigh. When Raeleigh finally came back to her senses, she asked, "Yes?"

"What happened to you? You look like your soul left your body." Hearing Santiago's words, Raeleigh was speechless. She had no idea what was going on in his head. His words sounded simple and honest, but they could trigger anyone and send them blowing their tops off.

Raeleigh rolled her eyes at Santiago. "You're the one who looks like your soul has left your body!"

At that moment, Deanna was standing at one side, talking to Scarlette about the game. Initially, she had wanted to talk to Santiago about it but he wasn't interested. So, she went into the kitchen and was a little absent-minded. When she emerged, she saw no signs of Santiago. The next time she saw him again, she found him flirting with Raeleigh. Her face was tense. She felt very wronged.

They were all friends with Santiago, but why did Santiago treat Raeleigh particularly well and would always turn to her? Whenever she approached Santiago, he wouldn't talk to her and always avoided her.

Scarlette snorted in contempt when she saw Deanna's frustrations. She felt that it was weird to see Deanna making a move on Santiago. She wondered why women would all fall in love with the men of the Harvey family, as if they were the only family with worthy men. What was Deanna thinking? She had a crush on Jepherson for so many years and right then she changed her mind. It happened all too quickly. Even if it was a good thing, she should at least keep her options open.

If they did end up together in the future, Deanna would have to see her long-time crush as her brother-in-law, and her husband was someone whom she...

Scarlette was exhausted just thinking about it.

"If your soul did not leave your body, then why are you in a daze?" Santiago did not understand. Raeleigh could stay in a daze for a whole day.

Raeleigh turned to look at him and said nothing. Only then did she notice Zorion's presence and that he was looking at them.

easy to find a

Misfortunes never come one at a time. Santiago was also partially to be blamed. Why couldn't he

to the kitchen to prepare a plate of fruit and brought it out. She placed the fruits in front of Deanna and Scarlette. "I did not sleep well

at Raeleigh in disdain.

stood up, intending to leave, but Raeleigh did


over and now you want to leave? Are you sick of me?" Raeleigh glanced at Scarlette

scoffed and said, "I don't

something, but before she could say anything, Deanna said angrily, "Scarlette, I was wrong about you. How can you talk to Raeleigh like that? I'm not going to defend you even if we are

She briefly glared at Raeleigh and said to Deanna, "I didn't ask you to be my friend. You can always leave if you

arm again. Scarlette was infuriated by Deanna's


has always been like this. You can do

Deanna. Raeleigh pushed her hand away

"So am I..."

"You are too impatient."

me impatient?!" Scarlette yelled. Anger was running

piece of fruit to Deanna.

took a piece and said,

eyes widened. Poker?

knew that as long as there was money involved, she would be able

made up her mind immediately and finished eating the fruits in her hand. Then, she went upstairs to get the poker cards. It was as if she had prepared for this. She brought her wallet with

was also very interested in poker,

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