Have I Told You Lately

Chapter77: She Did Such Rotten Things

In the hospital where Rachel and her mother just went out, Krista held her phone and gritted her teeth. “How dare she hang up first?”

A young woman standing beside her held Krista’s arms and agreed. “She is so impolite. You are her elders and she dares to hang up.”

Krista got more and more angry. She looked at the crowded corridor and her eyes were full of cold. “I don’t believe I can’t find the truth. Sabrina, let’s go to see the doctor again.”

Sabrina was the young woman. She also brought Krista to this hospital. The reason why she knew it was that she found it when she had followed Kenneth and Rachel. And she investigated it specially.

That woman was really pregnant and she was having twins.

Though she didn’t know the months of the twins, she would not let these two children become a part of the Shawn family.

“Madame Krista, It is her privacy and the doctor will not tell you. If you still go to ask the doctor, it may affect you.” Sabrina stopped her and softly comforted her.

Krista was anxious and angry. She said, “But I need to know whether Kenneth is the father of these two kids or not. He stays with that woman recently and must know it for a long time. He even keeps it from me.”

Sabrina blinked her eyes and pretended to be puzzled. She asked, “But why doesn’t Kenneth tell you the truth? If he is father of these two kids, he will be very happy and tell you as soon as possible. Maybe he doesn’t make sure that who is father of these children.”

Krista changed her expression immediately and suddenly looked at her. She loudly said, “What? How dare that woman? Does she want Kenneth to be her kids’ father?”

Sabrina’s face palmed and seemed scared. She carefully said, “I’m just wondering. The Dragon Age Investment Co., Ltd. has cooperation with their company. I have been to their company several times. And Ms. Lewis is close to several men after the divorce.”


Her voice sounded smaller and smaller, Krista became more and more angry. Sabrina carefully and sacredly asked, “Madame, are you ok?”

Krista squeezed her fingers, trembling with anger. She finally gritted her teeth and said, “Go back!”

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