Healing my disabled husband

Chapter 1 The Most Suitable Person

Innisrial General Hospital, Aimee Read walked out of the operating room and pushed open the office door to see an elderly man sitting on the couch, waiting for her.

"Grandpa." Aimee called out obediently, even though she was already exhausted, she still had a modest posture and did not show any displeasure towards this unexpected guest.

Mason Read crossed his hands on top of his cane, his face was not very good, and did not immediately respond.

Aimee had already gotten used to Mason's attitude, so she didn't say anything and walked back to her desk.

She was actually physically and mentally exhausted after the surgery, which lasted for twenty hours, and she was only able to blink her eyes and fall asleep at the moment.

Finally, Mason's posture dropped and he said, "I told you to quit your career as a doctor, we, the Reed family, can't afford you."

Aimee did not make a sound.

She would have resisted, argued how much she loved the job, and pleaded with the old man who said no to give her a little freedom.

However, each time only to get no end, but also to be crowned as a not something.

Aimee is really tired of dealing with it.

Mason saw that she did not say anything, the anger in his heart was even more upward.

of today's visit, Mason did not cursed, but

such an attitude like I owe you something, Aimee , the Reed family never owes you

didn't want to hear Mason say something even worse,

Estate at the age of seven, she knew that these so-called blood relatives, who had gone to the trouble of getting her back, were just trying to get a

a passion hidden away, no longer

know that, it's time for you

eyes to Mason and realized that it was something that had been discussed at home recently. She originally thought that this kind of thing was not her turn, but now she thought that it was a hot potato in itself, and there was no way that the delicate ladies

third son of Hayden family is of marriageable age, and the old Hayden has chosen our girl among so many famous girls, but Iris and Jaylah have their own hearts, and Mikayla is still young, so I think you are the most suitable person to be engaged with the third son of Hayden family. Mikayla is still young, so I think you are

smiled, there was no change in expression, only bitterness in

how grand, clear the truth of Aimee, inside

months ago because of an accident paraplegia, surgery or

her lap because they knew his inside story

sent word three days ago and Mason came to the

powerful, but also the top gentry, although in the public rich list can only be ranked third, but the gentry are clear, this is the Hayden family low profile, if the true wealth of the exposure, only

is also on the rich list, but only at

family, the Reeds would naturally

a sound for a long time,

must have been sternly reprimanded, but today is

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