Healing my disabled husband

Chapter 2 - A hundred years of good cooperation

Just outside the hospital gates, Aimee was stopping a car on the side of the road when a black car slowed to a stop in front of her.

Immediately after, it was a man in black who got out of the car and said to her respectfully, "Miss Read, our Mr. Hayden is here to see you."

Aimee didn't ask him who Mr. Hayden was, and the hospital entrance was not a place to talk, so she nodded slightly and bowed into the back seat.

The car drove slowly towards Hayden's Mansion, and the magnificent castle in front of her eyes made Aimee marvel at it even though she was not interested in it.

It is no wonder that the Reeds will take this marriage so seriously, with the Reeds greedy nature, only to think that the Hayden family's maid's room, but also to be incomparably luxurious and precious.

Aimee is led into the study where an old man with white hair is painting.

She did not approach, nor did she make a sound, just stood quietly watching, trying to keep her presence to a minimum.

Finally, when the old Hayden had put away his pen, he looked up at Aimee.

Her calves were already standing stiff, and she was holding herself up by a wave of perseverance.

"Miss Read, come and see how I look at this writing." The old Hayden waved toward Aimee, calling her over.

Aimee had a momentary daze, reacted, and then moved mechanically towards the old Hayden.

Her two legs, are going to fight the bend.

The old Hayden silently look at these in the eyes, eyes deep, but did not make a sound.

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from now on, you are my Hayden

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I've told you that you're a member of my Hayden family,

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