Healing my disabled husband

Chapter 7 Seeing you as an eyesore

At one o'clock in the night, Aimee entered Patrick's room in the dark again.

Party, she had already started assembling the instrument in her room according to the drawings, only, in one of them, she encountered a problem.

There was one line, and although it was fine to assemble it as written down last night, the instrument still worked fine, but Aimee found that one of the data on this line was simply a fiddle, whether it was connected or not, there would be no change.

This made Aimee wonder if she had made a memory error and misremembered the location of the line.

But there is no way that her unforgettable skills could have come up with such a deviation.

With the principle that she had to find out what was going on, Aimee went to Patrick's room again.

As last night, Patrick slept very peacefully, and she even heard his sleeping breathing, so she could tell that he was sleeping very well, and even, most likely, he was having a nice dream at the moment.

Aimee was a little more daring tonight, and made sure Patrick was sleeping soundly, so she went straight to the bedside.

She looked down at Patrick's sleeping face, nudged her mouth, and muttered in a small voice, "You have such a good-looking face, but your mouth is so bad, and you want to bully me, you want to be beautiful."

Aimee also raised her fist and shook it on Patrick's forehead, whispering, "Just be glad you're a patient now, my girl is a healer, or I'll beat you up."

Maybe it's the image of Patrick being beaten to his knees and begging for mercy, Aimee also let out a giggle.

She jerked her hand over her mouth and stared sheepishly at Patrick, making sure he hadn't heard her, before taking a few silent steps back.

It was so close, I actually got carried away for a while.

"Aimee ah Aimee , don't forget what the teacher has explained."

Aimee squeezed her fingers and adjusted her breathing before gingerly moving to the instrument.

This time, Aimee did not just observe the instrument with her eyes, but went straight to the button with her hands.

at the end of Trace and other people

crowd rose to their feet, their eyes fixed on Aimee, and some even rushed to the door and raised their hands to grasp

signaled in time, they would have rushed over and

has sulked, "Trace , if we don't act, Master Patrick

across at the man, his eyes falling back to the

equipped with alarm facilities, will immediately sound whenever there is

whether it was too late for them to rush over when

matter what Aimee do, as long

hold of Aimee, and

in vain and spoil his master's business

be done now is to

and Aimee did not do much, she just pressed a button on the

and stared at the spot where Aimee had been for

, Miss Read pressed

over here." Patrick

seconds, Trace was already in

press the button Aimee had pressed again and found nothing

Patrick, should we just bring Miss Read in and

saw Patrick looking

"Well, why don't you just ask her

realizing that he had

then if he does that, he will definitely spook

Master Patrick, it was foolish

there and see that you're an eyesore."

immediately exited the room and raised his hand to slap

the other hand, Aimee went back to

that the instrument in

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