Healing my disabled husband

Chapter 10 Stand up and still be

Aimee stood by without saying a word, speechless at how things had developed.

It is clear that she asked the old Hayden to help her as a doctor to assist in Patrick's care, just to make it easier for herself to start treatment later.

How come at this moment she feels that Patrick is setting a trap for her to jump into it?

This is good, she just said to Patrick that she is mediocre, an ordinary small doctor, and if she cured him afterwards, it would be a slap in the face.

Originally, she was thinking that she would secretly help him with his treatment, and when the time came, she would say that the experts who were heavily hired over were too powerful to possess such a medical miracle.

Then she would not be breaking her promise to the teacher.

Now well, Patrick has put her directly into a dilemma, making her rethink whether to cure him or not.

Unable to make a decision for a while, Aimee just knew that at this moment, this second, she didn't want to see him at all.

So Aimee said to the old Hayden, "Grandpa, it's getting late, Master Patrick should rest, and you should rest too."

the old Hayden sniffed, then immediately said, "Yes, yes, you are also tired all day, you also need to rest."

After that, he looked at Patrick again and said, "Pat, get some rest, and Grandpa will see you tomorrow."

Patrick nodded, gave Aimee a parting glance, and let them go.

After making sure they were back in their respective rooms, Patrick said to Trace, "Go pull up all the surgeries she's handled and see how skilled she is."

Trace immediately went to work on it, but didn't understand how they Master Patrick even had to check this.


After Aimee returned to her room, a rare look of anger appeared on her face.

She grabbed a pillow and hammered it twice, muttering in a good-natured way, "Dog man, paralyzed for life, lying down is so able to be a demon, stand up still."

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