Healing my disabled husband

Chapter 11 Getting someone to protect Aimee

At 1:00 a.m., Aimee enters Patrick's room.

She walked over to Patrick's bedside and injected a syringe into Patrick's hanging bottle with the potion she had already prepared before.

She had already seen the medicine inside Patrick's bottle and knew the ingredients very well. Therefore, after getting the medicine Matilda bought for her, she made a perfect match with the medicine Patrick was already injecting.

However, Aimee's actions scared Trace and the others.

"Trace , still not go to arrest her? If we let her do this, Master Patrick will lose his life."

Trace is also very anxious, but, without hearing Master Patrick's instructions, he really does not dare to act rashly.

His eyes could only see through the screen, staring at Aimee for an instant, hoping that she would not do anything strange to hurt their Master Patrick, otherwise, he would definitely put an end to her with his own hands.

Aimee didn't know she was being watched. After she finished injecting the drug, she hid the syringe in her pocket, and then, she felt a wrench out.

This time, it was even more frightening to Trace and they drew a breath.

Having seen numerous big scenes, Trace also felt that Aimee, the woman, had some tigers.

Aimee went to the instrument she had pressed before, glanced toward Patrick on the bed, and then, like a thief, moved the instrument one side at a time, little by little.

The wiring box at the back was exposed, and Aimee crouched down and used a wrench to twist the six screws on it.

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