Healing my disabled husband

Chapter 13: He should also suffer from the pain himself

After hanging up the phone, Aimee looked out the window with her cheeks resting, her mood was uncontrollably happy.

She didn't want to complicate her relationship with the Hayden family, much less get involved with them in any way.

So, Jaylah to role this thing, she naturally will not and the Haydens open mouth.

But she doesn't really give Jaylah such a sweet cake, in Francis' words, Jaylah, her face is fake and her acting is incompetent, so she has to be a vase in the web series, but she has to be more ambitious than the sky.

Then she let her have that chance, and then, let her lose it again.

Reed family of those few, should also know know, what is called a second of heaven, a second of hell.

Aimee returns to Hayden's Mansion, drops off her things, and then goes to Patrick's room.

Patrick looks extraordinarily bad today, paler than he did a few days ago.

The old Read didn't notice it in the morning, but when he came over again in the afternoon, he saw his grandson's pale face like this and was instantly heartbroken.

When she saw Aimee come in, she eagerly pulled her over, "Aimee, take a look at Pat, why does she look so pale today when she was fine yesterday?"

Aimee naturally knew what was going on, but she couldn't show it.

After checking Patrick's body according to the usual procedure, Aimee said to the old Hayden: "Grandpa, don't worry, there's nothing wrong, probably, Master Patrick just didn't rest well last night."

Aimee is very weak, she knows, Patrick's face is hard, mostly because of the pain.

Only, she didn't understand why Patrick didn't say anything.

She was all ready for Patrick to tell the old Hayden that he could feel pain, and the old Hayden then got several specialists to come and consult with him to determine the changes in Patrick's body.

But Aimee couldn't ask Patrick about it, and once she told him about his physical reaction, it was bound to be discovered that it was all about her.

Aimee doesn't want to reveal her true talent.

say so, then finally is put

most important thing for you to do now is to rest well, to sleep a lot, and to

Hayden's words,

keep her presence to a minimum and stood quietly on

were always watching Aimee, and when he saw her like this, his

think of something and said to the old Hayden, "Grandpa, I'm

old Hayden looked at Patrick in amazement, unable to believe what he had

time since Patrick's accident that he has offered to

you, what do you want to

just watch what you do, I'll

repeatedly and walked out

heart inexplicably thudded, a bad feeling

the first time she had been alone with Patrick since she had entered the Hayden

hands were behind her back and her fingers were unconsciously stirring together as a

fell straight on her face, noting her expression for a

long time before Patrick asked, "Afraid


just that the things she's been doing secretly have given her a sense of weakness, causing her

her down, at least, not with what he has so

, abruptly, laughed lightly and said, "It's also true that there is nothing to be afraid

and raised her eyes towards him, finally, she couldn't help but say, "You shouldn't always say that, grandpa will be very sad, moreover, such a psychological implication is bad for

to you, a patient with a terminal illness can recover

wrinkled her eyebrows and blurted

there is data that proves that patients with an optimistic mindset do have a better chance of healing than those with a pessimistic

make me mentally tell myself a thousand times a day that I can stand up, and

bit her lip to stop herself

and he will continue to

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he has anything to do with himself whether he can

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