Healing my disabled husband

Chapter 15 You really do not spoil me after all

Casey stiffened in place, unable to believe what he had heard.

This woman, who looks like no good, is talking big about what she is?

Her sister-in-law?

How is this possible!

"You're full of shit!" Casey immediately exploded, pointing at Aimee and cursing, "How could Pat be married? How dare you tell such lies?"

Aimee turned a deaf ear to Casey's anger and just continued to say faintly, "No. Oh, sister, Pat, and grandpa, all know. Oh, you don't know, maybe you just don't need to know."

"You!" Casey was simply furious.

This damn woman, what does she mean by that?

Isn't this a way of saying she's not important in the Hayden family? Even Patrick got married and no one informed her of the big event.

When she was a pampered princess growing up in the Hayden family, she could not stand it.

Casey pointed his hand at Aimee, his eyes were red with anger, but he didn't say anything for half a day.

too rude and

the spoiled child herself instead of carrying out the principles of survival in the

didn't take anything into consideration and didn't

moment, looking at Casey's face, which is about to cry, Aimee is speechless

lady with strong fighting ability, but who would have thought that it was actually such a weak person, she just recounted a

this little friend, she would

and turns around

have thought that when I turned around, I would have met Patrick's playful

smiles innocently at

front of their brother and grandfather,

Patrick, what's with

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and a touch of suspicion sprang

Not sick, right?

was bullying his sister, and he

probably doesn't want

that he had been

who didn't even help her, is instead

couch, hugged the old Hayden's arm, and cried, "Grandpa, I don't know? Why didn't you tell

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