Healing my disabled husband

Chapter 17 She'll never be good with him again

Casey was so angry at Aimee's words that he could hardly breathe.

This damnable woman, saying such things, is simply provoking her relationship with Pat.

"Of course I'll do anything for Pat," Casey said immediately, "but who the hell are you? Who are you to tell me what to do?"

Aimee snorted lightly, dismissing it as a child's nonsense.

She looked down at Patrick and said, "You need to rest for a while, I'll come over later and give you a massage."

After saying that, Aimee was ready to leave.

She was tired today, and she came to Patrick as soon as she got back, so she had to go back and rest for a while.

Besides, the potion she was going to enter for Patrick tonight hadn't been mixed yet, and if she delayed any longer, she would have to come over later than usual tonight.

Aimee is only able to spend the night helping Patrick with his treatment. Since she has not yet found the person who wants to kill Patrick, she is not able to restore the instrument completely.

Therefore, Aimee has to fight for every second and cherish every night.

She really didn't have the mood or energy to deal with Casey, a delicate young lady.

However, Casey was spoiled by the Haydens, and when Aimee wanted to leave, she stood in Aimee's way again.

But before she could say anything this time, she heard Patrick's cold, deep voice say, "Casey, don't be rude to your sister-in-law."

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