Healing my disabled husband

Chapter 18 Hayden family who does not spoil and spoil her

Elsie was dragged by Casey in a bewildering way, and her heels made it impossible for her to resist such dragging, and she nearly broke her foot several times.

It was only when she was dragged out of Patrick's yard by Casey that she finally shook off Casey's hand and asked angrily, "Casey, what's wrong with you? Didn't you say you'd bring me here to meet Pat? What's wrong with dragging me outside now? And can't you see I'm wearing high heels? Are you trying to drop me?"

Casey was blasted by Elsie and looked at Elsie with wide eyes and disbelief.

This has been in front of their own gentle, softly spoken, all the time is not understanding Elsie , will actually towards her angry.

Casey simply thought she might be dreaming today, otherwise, how could this world be so metaphysical?

What is all this happening.

Her eyes fell on Casey's seemingly twelve-centimeter heels and she unconsciously frowned, her mind instantly going to the woman in Patrick's house.

Aimee is called, she remembered, she wore what seemed to be a pair of ordinary flat shoes, beige, did not look like any brand goods, no logo and decoration, simply ordinary to the edge of the.

However, when compared with Elsie's well-groomed look, Casey suddenly felt that Elsie was so low.

Wearing twelve centimeters of high heels, the aura is not as powerful as Aimee the woman.

face, with every blackhead perfectly concealed, makes her face look

everywhere there is a sense of unbearable

this moment, Elsie glared at Casey with annoyance,

that Elsie has such a big grudge

her voice unconsciously cooled a few points, "Elsie , are you, right

here to see Pat, what do you mean now? I haven't even met Pat, and you're dragging me out of here, are you trying to make me come all the way here

felt that Elsie, the woman's brain was

she's not a Patrick, which time in the past, there

towards herself just because she didn't see him, who gave her the courage in

straight, arms wrapped around his chest, and said, "You've been running around for nothing quite a bit, I thought you'd be used to it, what, now

Elsie, couldn't even enter Hayden's Mansion,

she think she

is it that Casey is now so low-profile that people forget she is the only young lady in the Hayden family, who doesn't spoil

Patrick doesn't spoil or spoil or indulge her

now they are helping outsiders

to the second brother later and never be good

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