Healing my disabled husband

Chapter 19: Grab it even for me

Aimee was unaware of what was going on outside and went straight back to her room through another door.

Her room, which was originally connected to Patrick's room, was a long detour from the front door, but from the back door, as long as the respective doors were opened.

After Casey's fuss, Aimee had no time for herself.

Not wanting to lose any time in treating Patrick, she returned to her house and took out the potion and began to mix it.

After giving it to Patrick once last night, Patrick's body feedback was quite good, which gave Aimee more confidence that she could cure Patrick.

In particular, Patrick has a very good physical base and surprised Aimee with the response he was able to give.

So, tonight's measurement, Aimee is adding some.

She used a conservative measurement last night, fearing that Patrick's body might not be able to handle it.

The good thing is, what was feared did not happen, but turned out to be better.

After mixing the potion, Aimee will put the solution into a small refrigerator and keep it on ice for four hours so that it will work best when injected into Patrick's body.

Taking advantage of this time, Aimee opened her computer and logged on to a long-dusted web page.

Instantly, crackling message alerts kept popping up.

Aimee's face instantly darkened, staring speechlessly at the computer screen, waiting for all the messages to finish prompting, and not a click to browse through, but directly shut down all.

She sent a message out, "Whoever gives me another pop-up message, get the hell out."

Instantly, those who were leaping in front of the computer screen, ready to send a message to Aimee, stopped moving.

fingers have been placed on top of the enter key, immediately move their hands away

so hard to get in, because the action was too fast, pissed off their boss and was thrown out, it would have been too

was still

I have a very good patient here, when

threats, pop-up messages keep coming out

my current technology is NO.1,

can be cute, I am the boss of your little source of

oldest choose me, the turn should also be


to read those messages, only said: "I will choose the candidate depending on the mood, you do not have to kill each

"Boss you say."

written the ingredients, give you three

document with only a few equations, but the crowd was silenced in unison

offended, what their boss wants, where can that

asked, "Boss, this is a component,

with her cheek and

have it, would she have come online to

yeah, that's why I

Crowd: "......"


didn't have to ask to know what they were thinking, and shook her head helplessly, before

happens, one of the finale lots will have this ingredient in it for

crowd was confused, and no one had

the closest to Lasnain, now you leave for there, I've already had the invitations prepared, tomorrow night, you go and get that

"Yes, boss."

finished her explanation and ignored the messages they kept sending her as they buzzed around again, closed

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