Healing my disabled husband

Chapter 22: I also need to ask my nemesis to come out

The old Hayden, as if afraid of being questioned by Patrick, left Patrick's room after leaving a harsh word.

Patrick tasted the old Hayden's words playfully, it was as if he was the granddaughter-in-law and Aimee was the biological granddaughter.

He had a vague suspicion that, perhaps, Aimee was somehow related to his grandfather.

Of course, he wouldn't have thought there was any blood ties between them, otherwise, Aimee wouldn't have been his wife.

So, what is the reason again?

Let the old Hayden take Aimee so seriously.

Patrick contemplated for a long time, but did not come to a conclusion.

He called Trace in and said, "Go and check out all the people Aimee has been in contact with since she was born, and the Reed family as well.

Trace received the order and went to work, but it was a real headache.

As early as the moment the old Hayden brought Aimee to Patrick, they have gone to check the Reed family, check Aimee, so to speak, up and down, the ancestral graves of the Reed family have been checked.

to check again, and for a while, there was

to risk death to Patrick to ask for an explicit, to see if he could give him a reminder of what to start with, Bailey Hughes, who has been working with him, suddenly suggested: "Trace, why don't we try to contact the hackers The Growlers, let

conflict with The Growlers before, but they let us bleed 800 million in seven minutes, if Master Patrick knows that we asked

, our people can't find out anything else."

end is afraid to secretly

long time, Trace finally entered Patrick's room again as if he were dying, lowering his eyes, not daring to

gaze fell on Trace's face without a

he really wanted to kill himself for what was wrong with him, for daring to

not clear, but he is very

the final Master Patrick won, but, The Growlers did

$800 million is not

that time, that arrogant

that Trace saw Patrick go down for the first time in person and save the day when several of

and still prejudiced

he was looking at himself with a smile, and when he looked over, he said, "Trace, are you telling me that the people I have are not as good as The Growlers? I can't

to death as he tried to calm himself down and said to Patrick, "It's just that the best person we have

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