Healing my disabled husband

Chapter 23 She's really angry

Innisrial General Hospital.

Aimee had been busy all morning, and when she arrived at the cafeteria, she was blocked by Liam.

"Dr. Read, come and eat, what do you want to eat, it's on me." Liam said.

Aimee gave him a look, a touch of impatience slipped through her eyes, but still said politely, "No, Dr. Thomas, I have an operation this afternoon, so I'm just going to buy some things and go back."

"How can that be? The busier you are, the better you have to eat. Don't be polite to me. Auntie's Cornish Pasty is good today, you have to try it." Liam said.

Aimee wrinkled her brow speechlessly and said, "This person is really annoying.

She really came for the Cornish Pasty that was unique to today, but this person was in her way and it really affected her appetite.

Aimee said, "No really, Dr. Thomas, I'm in a hurry, so I won't talk to you anymore, bye."

After saying that, Aimee lifted her feet and walked in the direction of the other side of the sandwich shop, cursing Liam in her heart and glancing at the Cornish Pasty she had been thinking about.

Of course, Aimee's little gesture was not seen by Liam, who simply watched her back, saw her enter the bakery, bought a sandwich and a bottle of orange juice and left.

A doctor from the same department patted Liam's shoulder and said, "Dr. Read is the most famous and cold beauty in our hospital.

Liam tugged at the corner of his mouth and said, "Blake, tell me honestly, am I not good looking? Or am I not good at it? How come all the other doctors and nurses are jumping on me, but she's the only one who's been so indifferent to me."

Blake said, "Dr. Read, indeed, is very special."

At least, in the doctors and nurses he knows, he has not seen such a one.

The doctor is very hardworking, treating patients with great care, according to her degree of dedication, medical skills should have soared long ago, the title should have been evaluated, but, it is such a hard-working doctor, but not even a few of the real main surgery, but involved in a number of major operations, but also because of her teacher's relationship.

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