Healing my disabled husband

Chapter 24 - Eight hundred million

Trace soon received a reply from The Growlers, saying that it was possible to check, but that the money would have to go up.

How much is the increase, but did not say how much, but let Master Patrick weigh himself to see how much the news is worth in his heart.

When Trace reported this response to Patrick, he couldn't help but spit out, "I've known for a long time that The Growlers have a dark heart, but I never thought they would be so shameless now."

Patrick felt that there was something strange behind this matter, The Growlers price increase is not surprising, but, The Growlers the meaning of this statement, but it seems to know what, but deliberately not to tell him.

Let him willingly pay to buy the news, but also he has to weigh the price himself.

This is exploring Aimee's place in his heart.

Patrick found it absurd and unbelievable.

He thought about it for a moment and said to Trace, "One point eight hundred million, tell them that price."

Trace was immediately stunned and stared at Patrick's face for half a day, as if trying to figure out if he had heard wrong or not.

The Reed family, Aimee, whichever one it is, is not worth the $1.8 billion it costs, which is a full two times higher than The Growlers' reserve price.

"Master Patrick , are you really going to quote that price?" Trace thought it was just too outrageous.

Patrick looked at him askance and said, "What, are you very dissatisfied?"

Trace's heart stuttered, how he felt he sensed a murderous aura in Master Patrick's tone.

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