Healing my disabled husband

Chapter 26 Let's not make people unhappy

Jaylah went to Mirth Hotel with Tia in the morning after a photo shoot.

She was going there today to sign a contract, and to make herself more fitting for the role, she had Tia rent her a white gown at a high price, and weave her hair into a forest spirit, like a pure angel.

Tia was simply too happy with her look and couldn't wait to take her picture and tweet it, "Today's share of Jaylah, an angel, right?"

Jaylah held his phone after Tia's tweet and waited to read the comments.

Sure enough, only five minutes later, her Twitter feed was already buzzing.

[Oh my God, our Jaylah is so beautiful, just a simple hair braid can be so beautiful and dusty]

[I don't care, our Jaylah's face, I can lick the screen for life, I love Jaylah, Jaylah marry me.

[Jaylah is brave to fly, mommy is always with him, Jaylah is not welcome, it doesn't make sense].

Jaylah looked at the comments praising her beauty and was even more smug in her heart.

She can already foresee what she will be like when this drama is aired.

arrived at the Mirth Hotel. Jaylah got out of the car and before he could enter the door, he bumped into

girl directly threw her a big blank stare, a

really baffled by this little

rushed over to question, and then when she became popular, it

that the director and the lead actor have arrived, if she is late, will certainly leave a bad

still upset to be given a blank stare for

you go to check for me, that woman what

why the little girl feels particularly familiar, this time finally remembered, they exclaimed, said: "Jaylah,

stunned, naturally having heard of

I've offended her, or her father, or been

have to look into that," Tia said, "Eh ah, you just forget about that for a while, hurry up, Mr. Snider was already bad

and strides

we met directly in Francis'

was reluctant at first when

room this if the intention of people

Graves will also be here, plus there is writer Rosie Hawkins, and their

can't blame Jaylah for being pretentious. When she first started out, she was called into a room by a director for less than two or three minutes before it

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