Healing my disabled husband

Chapter 29 Can't be negative to her either

Aimee did not expect Patrick to be so perceptive.

She ladled another spoonful to Patrick's mouth and said, "Isn't that good? I'm still a good cook."

This time, however, Patrick's lips were tightly closed and his eyes were defensive as he looked at Aimee.

"What for? Afraid I'll poison you?" Aimee frowned, annoyed at Patrick's lack of respect.

Patrick said, "It's true, I was afraid you'd do something."

Aimee's eyes flickered, if not for the fact that someone might come in at any moment, she really wanted to squeeze Patrick's mouth and pour the soup in the pot directly.

She said, "Then you don't have to think so, I just have this in mind for you, but not for grandpa, who is drinking now, so you don't have to worry."

Patrick didn't miss the emotion that passed through Aimee's eyes, and he narrowed his eyes, becoming even more certain that Aimee had tampered with the soup.

However, for some reason, Patrick is not averse to this behavior.

On the contrary, the interest is quite strong, very want to see, this looks warm, soft, docile little girl, in the end is all do what.

He also wanted to know how far she could go.

So, the moment Aimee raised her eyes and stared at him, Patrick opened his mouth and drank the soup from the spoon.

Aimee also froze for a moment, not expecting Patrick to be so cooperative.

She stared at Patrick and saw that he didn't look like he was going to dislike her, so she smiled and said, "Don't worry, I won't hurt you."

The implication is that even if she moved, it was for his own good.

Therefore, he can not have any worries.

Patrick didn't say anything else, just ate quietly and meekly what Aimee fed him.

Aimee was calculating the amount of food Patrick was supposed to eat and brought the food over.

Originally, she thought she was going to have to do something to force Patrick to cooperate and eat all the food.

I didn't expect Patrick to be so well behaved.


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