Healing my disabled husband

Chapter 35 I can handle it

Aimee didn't rush home, but found a coffee shop and sat down.

She purposely asked for a booth, and after she went in, the first thing she did was to use her phone to hack into the coffee shop's system and hack the monitoring of her booth.

Once that was done, Aimee worked on her phone.

She had to get hold of everything about that safe as soon as possible. She remembered that the safe also had a self-exploding device, which was said to explode automatically if it was not opened in time.

And oh, the injuries are still widespread.

If such an explosion occurs in the country, it will certainly attract the attention of the top.

Aimee can't take that risk.

So, she had to figure out how to open that safe before Matilda landed, so as to avoid subsequent trouble.

Only, the more information was consolidated, the darker Aimee's face became.

According to the information she has, this is simply a dead end problem that cannot be solved.

Aimee slammed her phone onto the table in anger and took a sip of her already cold coffee.

What the heck, it can't be opened in any other way.

Aimee can actually choose to let Matilda change course, go directly to an uninhabited island, the safe into the sea, thus avoiding it into the country, and then self-destruct, will cause unnecessary trouble.

However, Aimee was not willing to do so.

This East Barden side of the medicine, played a vital role in Patrick's healing.

would have been cured

it takes is greatly lengthened, and the pain Patrick has to endure is

thinking, being so paranoid about getting

means she doesn't want to make Patrick

cup of coffee and then called the waiter and ordered

coffee was already the most bitter and pure black coffee, so she ordered another cup without any cake, the waiter was worried that her body would not be able to bear

don't you change to a different coffee, this one can easily cause palpitations if you drink too

teeth and said, "No, it's

anything more and took

coffee was served, Aimee took a sip

never drinks coffee, especially such bitter coffee,

my ears, but I did not expect

palpitating feeling that the waiter feared, but instead, because of the bitter

and buy some macarons later to relieve the

to crackle away at it, finally, allowing her to find

a touch of

is simply clever to the

to open the safe, people will naturally think that the safe is not easy to open, trying to open the

way, instead, the easiest way

sent the details of how to open it to Matilda and said, "You land the plane on the uninhabited island in ten minutes, follow the way I sent

to operate, do not operate any part of the

from Aimee and her

open the safe, take out the things, and successfully let the plane take off, then, when the safe exploded in the sea, it

sent a message back to

not send any more messages to disturb Matilda, and it was a

trusts Matilda, believes in her ability and

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