Healing my disabled husband

Chapter 235 Grandpa Is Joking with You

The phone connected.

Aimee heard Matilda say on the other end of the phone, "Aimee, Miles is so funny. I think he will think of me as River's lover."

Hearing Matilda's words, Aimee was very speechless.

She really felt that something Miles' behavior is abnormal, but she never thought that it was that abnormal.

However, Aimee quickly thought of something, and said to Matilda, "You have to tell me first, you two, are there really no problems?"

Matilda was a little dumbfounded when she heard this. She didn't know how Aimee would ask such a strange question.

She coughed uncontrollably for a long time before she said, " Aimee, are you not sick? Me and Miles ? What are you thinking? Did you take the wrong medicine?"

Hearing what Matilda said, Aimee laughed and said, "It seems that I was worrying for nothing. Matilda, now, Miles is very dangerous for me. Before I can find out some things, you'd better not to have any strange relationship with him.”

This can't be blamed on Aimee's too much control. In fact, she didn't want to fall into a strange situation.

That was, her best friend was in the relationship with the dangerous person in her eyes.

This would annoy her very much.

Matilda felt a little helpless, but she could understand it.

After all, Aimee and Patrick were in love now.

If she were to know who was the one who hurt her beloved one, she would unceremoniously label that person a dangerous person.


Matilda still couldn't help but said, "Aimee, I'm actually thinking that you might be thinking too much."

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