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Chapter 1080 The Finale

Chapter 1080 The finale

Nathalie's announcement of her relationship caused quite a stir. She had been receiving criticism for years, especially after returning to the film industry following graduation and starring in a niche movie that didn't do well at the box office. Almost everyone blamed Nathalie for the movie's poor performance.

Despite some viewers acknowledging Nathalie's improved acting skills compared to three years ago when she was still in school, people were quick to label her as someone who prioritized love over career and used studying as an excuse.

Nathalie wasn't one to flaunt her relationship online or go on dates where she could be easily spotted by fans. However, rumors about their breakup circulated almost every month among netizens who created various versions of what happened between Nathalie and Emanuel. The most popular one claimed that Emanuel cheated on Nathalie.

Nathalie was fed up with all these speculations but chose not to engage with them. Instead, she focused on improving herself academically and professionally while enjoying her time with Emanuel whenever they could meet without being disturbed.

The decision to star in this particular movie was entirely hers. The director was a former teacher from drama school who had several excellent scripts but couldn't get them produced due to various reasons. This movie was one of them.

When Nathalie stumbled upon the script by chance, she fell in love with it immediately and knew how much people would regret not seeing it if it didn't get made into a film. So despite knowing that this might not be commercially successful, she decided to take up the role as part of her comeback plan while showcasing her acting abilities.

However, from its release until attending various film festivals afterward, Nathalie received harsh criticisms continuously until good news finally arrived: The movie won Best Foreign Language Film Award at a prestigious festival where Nathalie also won Best Actress Award!

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