Heart Hunting

Chapter134 Kenny, why you like me so much

They came to the shore and were relieved at last.

Poppy Green who was exhausted and lay on the ground while panting.

Kenny silently examined large or small wounds on his hands, waist, and thigh.

Poppy Green looked around at the strange surroundings and asked him, "Do you know where this is?"

Kenny didn't even raise her eyebrows. "I don't know."

Poppy Green noticed that he was sitting there and very quiet all the time. She came close to him with the faint light and saw that his hand seemed to have some blood. She grabbed his hand and observed it carefully. Then she was surprised, "Why are you bleeding so much?"

She recalled the sharpness of the rocks and he had to use his hands to hold these rocks at every landing point. Her mood became complicated again.

"It doesn't matter!" Kenny said with ease and began to open his backpack and turn everything out one by one.

Poppy Green was a little surprised. This backpack had all kinds of tools for survival in the wild, such as ropes, Swiss Army knife, torch, liquid lighter, first aid medicine bottles, compressed biscuits and protein sticks, metal kettle, simple medicines and medical tools, garbage bags and so on

Fortunately, the backpack was a waterproof special bag, these things were intact.

Kenny was not in a hurry to deal with the wounds. He stood up and walked around. It was dark and he could only see a little shadow. There was heavy fog around, which might be caused by the heavy dew and water vapor near the water source.

His feet made a sound from time to time while stepping on the ground. He said, "We are in a tropical forest. Are you hurt?"

“Just a little bit of a cut on the foot, it's nothing." Poppy Green stood up neatly, walked up to him and asked, "Are we going to find a place to rest now?"

Kenny nodded. "I think it's just ahead. It seems that the terrain there is flat compared to this side, and it's close to the river."

"Well." Poppy Green took the initiative to pack everything into his backpack and was just about to carry it up, but Kenny took it over, "I'll do it."

"Don't look down on me!" She didn't grab it and strode ahead.

Kenny followed her while smiling.

leaves. "You just

living in the wild and knew what kind of wood to pick up to make a fire, which wood would be the

“Let me do it?"

my arms and legs? Will you die if let me

go." Kenny was too lazy to

who was sitting there was not idle and took out the kettle

later, Poppy Green came back with a lot of firewood in her hand and told

back again. Their place was lighted up at last and they could finally see each

Green sat next to Kenny who handed over

hand to help him disinfect wounds when

"Let me do it!"

handle it

and feet are not flexible. Can't you let me who is a healthy person treat your

disabled or missing of arms and legs." Kenny was as

“Good-heartedness is not recompensed."

had dealt with the injury, he found that she had put up a small wooden frame on which

at his waist

thought that it was when he hit the water just now. He accidentally hit his waist against the

Kenny didn't explain

any medicine oil?" Poppy Green couldn't bear it. In fact, she felt guilty.

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bruise. "Does it hurt?" the words was blurting out and couldn't

didn't respond to her but looked at her vaguely. "Do you care about

hurt for me. Don't

on the wooden shelf and knew they were dry. He picked them up and threw to

him half

not cold to be near the fire. I'll wear them

was pushed by him, “You even want me to force you

clothes and went

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