Heart Hunting

Chapter 137 Whether you liked Arno Lewis better than me?

"You little elf, you must have some poisonous magic that could confuse people's minds. Only because of that I was fascinated by you. Otherwise, how could it be possible that I could be crazy about a bad woman like you."

Poppy was dumbfounded by what he said, "Are you saying that you love me? Well, that is really a stupid and lame way, level zero. It's not very romantic, but... I like it."

Kenny was overjoyed, "You like me?”

Poppy changed her tune and said, "You just keep dreaming of your Utopian dream."

Kenny kept silent, and after a while, he became serious, " Poppy, what I am talking about now is not joking with you, Listen!"

He held her hand, and the warmth from his palm melted the ice in her heart.

The cave was very quiet, so quiet that she had an illusion that the time stood still at this moment.

"Yeah." Poppy answered.

"If we could leave here alive, I hope you could give me a chance. I want to protect you. I’m not joking."

The smile on the corners of Poppy 's mouth went away. There was a long silence, she avoided his eyes.

It took so long before she responded that Kenny felt like a century had passed. She said yes in a very small voice.

Kenny heard the answer from her. Whether the answer was her heart in it or just some comforting words she said because he was injured, which all made him feel relieved and happy.

The night came quietly.

After sunset, Poppy didn't go out again. She was not familiar with the terrain of this area, so she didn't know whether there would be any beasts nearby.

Poppy piled up firewood and lighted a fire. They sat in front of the warm fire. She looked at the food and handed him the last protein bar, "Eat!"

"You have it, I'm full."

Poppy shoved the protein bar directly in his mouth, "You are a patient, and I am a healthy person, so I can’t starve you, right."

Seeing that he didn’t chew, Poppy pointed to the bag of wild fruits, "Don't worry, these

are also our food."

knew however the wild fruits could stave off hunger, they still would not survive long only relying

spoke a word, and there was unanimous silence. The cave became extremely quiet, only the crackling sound

it was getting colder and colder, and Kenny, who was originally lying there calmly, couldn't help

face and hands with concern,

fine!" said Kenny softly.

his forehead again. It felt very hot,

caused the inflammation. She made a silent sigh, and took out the

into a blur and half-sleep state. He was lying there

was wondering what he was murmuring, so

worry, you will be fine. You

her heart melted.

broken, "Kenny, You're so stupid! Why did you do that? You are the most eligible bachelor that all women in City H dream of. Don’t you know that there is nothing good

cruel, scheming woman, and a vixen...

have been using you all the time. Don’t

happens when you are with me, you should stay away from me, stay in your own gentle world and be you playboy. Why are you so stupid to chase me and get yourself

words coming out from her mouth, yet

he be willing to die for a bad woman who took advantage of him? Wasn’t he good at doing business? What advantage would that be for him to spend

he know this was a money-losing

to being a little bit smart, she thought she had nothing outstanding. In terms of appearance, there were so many people who were

the grizzly bear. The whole time, this man always silently protected her, his protection was unassuming, calm and restrained, steady and

him quietly, her hands trembling slightly. She felt his face with her hand, his chiseled face. The three-dimensional face features were so handsome and charming. It was the first

stopped. Although these two thin

she was out of control, couldn’t help bending

you must

night like this, the tranquility made

a faint light fell in the cave. Poppy,

came from somewhere, but she knew it was far away.

she did when she woke up was to check Kenny if

quivering with the cold,

him the few anti-inflammatory tablets

but his forehead was very hot. Poppy thought for a moment and hugged him directly in her arms, intended to warm him with her body temperature.

you can't die here."

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