Her Freezing Heart

Chapter 2- Amara

“Thank you sir. A waiter will bring your order to you in fifteen minutes.” I said smiling hopefully to the last customer of my shift.

The customer walked back to the table occupied by his friends. I sighed. My shift ends in five minutes. Aaron is serving at the moment and I am filling in for Cara at the counter or I would be serving as well. She had a medical emergency today. Apparently her four year old has managed to chuck a piece of crayon up his nose. The end of September is nearing and that means Asher’s birthday is coming. He still hasn’t gotten over the ‘me going to college’ thing. He has ignored my calls for two months. He has just started talking to me again like a week ago. He seemed distant though. I am dreading the fact that I won’t be able to meet him for his birthday and as the budget is tight I don’t think I will be able to send him any gift. Uhhh kill me now.

Aaron and I, have found a job at this café the very first week we arrived here. Yeah we had decided to take it easy for the week but we stumbled upon it when we came here for a coffee while we were looking around the city. Millie’s Café is a medium sized café. It is situated three blocks from our apartment. It has a warm feeling to it with its cream colored walls and dark brown wooden tables and chairs. The walls are adorned with simple wall murals of various beverages and snacks. There is a large clear window facing the street which most of the customers prefer to sit by. The café is really famous around here. We are never out of customers.

The bell tinged and in came Steven with his conquest of the day. A blond bimbo with a really short skirt and a crop top barely bellow her massive breasts. Are those even real? Following them was Steven’s friend, Austin. Steven gave me an icy glare and stocked off towards his usual table with the girl. Don’t get me wrong. Steven is HOT, like runway hot. He has pale green eyes that can suck you in with pale skin and charcoal black hairs that complements his other features. He has a sharp jaw and a straight nose. He looks unbelievably perfect. He is a foot taller than me and ripped with eight packs and a nice ass. The only problem is that he doesn’t seem to like Aaron and me from the first glance. The first morning we met, he had made it clear that we should keep our distance from him. Cassidy wasn’t really happy about it but she let it go. He has a cold exterior and is a complete man whore. Every single time we come face to face, which is really rare, he sends me an icy glare that can chill anyone to the bone marrow.

“Hey.” Austin said smiling at me.

Oh la la! Those dimples. If I hadn’t had a mate back home, I would have jumped his bones any minute.

“Hey. What can I get you today?” I asked smiling at him.

will have one Caramel Frappuccino, an Americano and a hot coffee.” He said in his British accent to which I wrote down his

about you?” I replied.

after I gave him his

his gray eyes warm enough

dimples should


all the efforts of his new bed mate, who was practically on his lap by now and was doing anything she can to get his attention. I shrugged and removed my apron as I saw the person who will be taking over me arrive. He is cute sixteen year old boy, shy to the core. I gave him a smile which he returned and went to the back room get my stuff. Aaron was

Aaron grumbled on

feeling any different and I had three assignments to complete. Thank god it’s Saturday tomorrow or I would have been in a huge trouble. The assignments are due Monday so I have enough time to complete them. Asher’s birthday is only a week away. I would be lying if I would say I am not scared. Asher is acting very different lately. Is he having second thoughts about me? But he can’t right. I mean he marked me. We haven’t completed the mating part but it’s because

six foot with brown eyes and beautifully tanned skin. He

little vacation.” Cassidy told us excitedly as soon as we reached them. Grayson smiled fondly at his wife’s antics. “We will be back by next Friday. Take care of the house for us okay? Take care of yourself too. You two work too much. Take a day off or something.”

Cas.” I replied grinning.

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