Her Soul and His Blood

Chapter 25: 25 Sabrina's death


Sabrina's death

"Mr.Peterson." A familiar voice shouted from behind, I turned around to see the beautiful lady Sabrina, with her eyes darken.

"Sabrina." I whispered, her face turned red, her lips twitched, she gritted her teeth.

"How dare you call my name." She strike with her words. I smiled sarcastically, I hate her calling my queen, anyway Im going to kill her, so it doesn't matter calling her by name.

"So you are behind all this cruelty, you will pay for this Mr.Peterson.Don't you know what will happen if the Lord come to know about this." She clenched her fist. White knuckles from clenching her fist too hard, and gritted teeth from effort to remain silent, her hunched form exuded an animosity that was like acid - burning, slicing, potent. Her face was red with suppressed rage, and when I even set a finger on her shoulder, she swung around and mentally snapped.

She might be powerful than me but she is a woman.Women's are weak with their emotions,and their feelings. She might know about my secrete but she wont be able to tell him about this.It was the time when some vampire hunters came into existence, when some holy water had the power to burn us.And now this so called queen is interrupting my little dish, so rude.

for the first time. I clenched my fist and gritted my teeth, I threw away the furnitures which was near me.I moved my fist towards her face but she blocked my fist with her hand before it

her vein.She cant defeat my ego anymore, she is going to die today. The witness was screaming during all this time and Sabrina was comforting her by hugging.The child is her weakness, I should attack on her weakness.If I can't defeat

then she will be dead soon.She ran towards the kid to catch her, I utilized this opportunity to kill Sabrina. I removed the sword from the back of the jacket and ran the sword through

to face

my face was dull and I masked a sad face.He got up

couldn't find Sabrina past 12 hours, I wanted you to go in search of her. The kids wanted to see their mother and they are not keeping quite." He said with

accused her for draining the blood of a

hit me like a thunderstorm. Like a lightning he approached me and held my collar. I saw tears flowing through his eyes. "

kneeled down, he soaked his head on his hands, his tears flowed through those fingers. He put his hands down, he looked up and screamed loud. All

wife and every time he a saw his kids, they reminded him of Sabrina.This

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