Hey, My Twins Babies

Chapter 203 Work with Leo

Winnie returned to the company and was ready to meet with the client. This client was received by the other two partners. Winnie had never met this client once and did not know which company he was from.

The cooperation project had been almost settled, and now only her explanation and analysis were needed.

As soon as she opened the door of the meeting room, Winnie's eyes widened in surprise.


Winnie was confused. Was Leo their client?

“Winnie, you know Mr. Johnson?”

One of the partners asked in surprise.

“Yes. He's our client?”

Winnie wanted to confirm her guess.

“Yes, I am the client you are to see.”

Leo replied with a smile. Although he had just met Winnie, he missed her and was happy to see her.

“Why didn’t you tell me just now? If I know it is you, I would not be so urgent.”

Winnie pretended to be dissatisfied.

“You two seem to have a good relationship.”

The partner laughed when he saw this scene. It seemed that the business would be successful.

“Yes, we are friends for years. And I came here by his car.”

Winnie roughly explained the relationship between them.

“Let's get to work and talk later.”

The work began like this. Winnie's explanation was very wonderful. It was the first time Leo saw her work so seriously, so he felt more love for her.

The work was smooth, then Leo put forward another cooperation.

“I have another suggestion. Recently, there have been a lot of accidents involving online car hailing, almost the victims were women. They fear of it. I think if we work together to develop a software that can restrict online car hailing, it will be very popular and the government will support it.”

“It is good, Mr. Johnson, we can study on it. Is it a software in the car or in the user's mobile phone?”

One of the partners said with great interest.

hardware device that connects directly with the authorities in the car so that passengers will feel easy to call the police. Miss Chambers is responsible for the software. My company is responsible for contacting online car-hailing companies and working with the government. I can find manufacturers to

here, and she was the best software designer. If the cooperation was

safe to install the hardware on the car, as the driver can completely control it. It is better to use software directly and install it on the passenger's mobile phone and the monitoring platform of the car-hailing company. Mr. Johnson, you can communicate with the government. It is best that the police can install the corresponding software, so that the three constraints will contain

her thoughts on

company has the intention of cooperation, you can start the development immediately. I must communicate with the government in

idea. In the field of software, he admired Winnie's smart

only Winnie was confident, they dare to take such a large

looked up at the partners and

we've decided

partner gave

to sort out a plan for specific cooperation. You study it first, and I will communicate with the government. We will sign the

was the first time to do business in violation of the rules, only

partner had been working overtime. Both projects had to be completed within the specified time, which was still

experience and the partners were capable, otherwise they would not dare to take two tasks at the

no time to see a car. Now the time was limited and the task was hard. In the morning, she got up early and in the

felt that her legs were not her own

inconvenient not to have

sometimes even needed to stop to massage her

least half a month, which was really difficult for

this, Winnie sat down on chair in the bus station. While massaging her legs, she made a call

you from a

her tone, but

and you haven't come home yet? Winwin, can

tone, Daenerys knew

work and wanted to go to the subway station. I was so tired, so I sat down in the bus station

did not need to pretend since

take the subway? Are you

was sleepy. But hearing that, she was worried about

plan to return it to Leo

this, Winnie looked at her high-heeled shoes and

heels are killing my

deserve it. Leo still has other car, and Brian has many cars. You can borrow

angry. Winnie was too independent and wanted to

But she would suffer.

on them all my life. No one in this world can be relied on

I'm calling to ask you for a favor. Buy me a car when you have time. I'm too busy

Leo or Brian,

no man for her now, and she had to support

tomorrow, what kind of car do

was the only person

than 200,000 yuan, fuel saving, spacious for five

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