Hey, My Twins Babies

Chapter 206 Belly Growls

"Her child?"

Jack looked at Megan and Winnie inconceivably. They were alike, but he did not expect that she had a child at her young age. Suddenly, he felt disappointed.

Winnie was surprised to see Brian, but she felt upset to hear what Brian said. However, she forced a smile.

"Sorry, I have to get to work. Paul, can you send me? I am getting late."

Winnie said with embarrassment. She sent Brian's car back, so she had no car to go back and she had to ask Paul for help.


However, before Paul answered, Brian spoke.

"I'll give you a ride."

Then Brian turned around and walked to the car. Winnie could only allow Brian to send her.

Winnie walked to Brian's car and reached out to open the back door. At that moment, Brian stopped her.

"Sit in the front, I'm not your driver."

Brian said with anger and got in the car directly.

Winnie hesitated for a moment and followed him. She hesitated because she did not understand why Brian was angry with her.

On the way back to the city.

It was quite in the car and embarrassing that Winnie’s belly growled.

Winnie got more embarrassed. But now she could only endure. She did not have food since last night.


Brian heard it clearly and asked in a cold voice.


Winnie did not know how to answer, only to blame her stomach growled at the wrong time.

“Didn’t you have breakfast?”

Brian continued to ask and guessed she did not have breakfast, or she would not be so hungry.


Winnie was hesitant, which annoyed Brian.

"You have not have food since last night?"

Brian guessed that this was the reason why Winnie answered with hesitation.


Winnie answered affirmatively this time.


When he heard that, he got so angry that he braked on the car and pulled over.


to scold loudly at Winnie, but hearing that

pushed open the door and

went to the back of the car, opened the trunk and


"Eat these first."


looked at the lunch in her hands. Simple as it was, it meant a lot

"Thank you!”

let me

wanted to live with dignity, he would never give her

happen again. The work is almost

Winnie promised.

she just would not let him find it out because she worked hard

was another silence in the car, and

the man in the

Jack, Brian said

famous for his lasciviousness. He would chat up beautiful girls when

deliver the car. He had contacted with Megan

Jack chatting with Winnie. He only saw the back of Jack, but he could hear his flirtatious tone

Brian got angry

know his name. He rear-ended my car, so

and felt curious why that man was in

is him. The car hasn't finished processing. I

have more contact, Brian had to stop the connection between

assistant has

refused, and Brian was silent

he really

A moment later.

I want to tell you. The man in the suburbs is the son of Uncle Thomas. His name is Jack Bennet. He and his

gave birth to Luke and I don’t want then

of these, so Uncle Thomas had nothing to threaten him. And

you send me

Brian sent her. He just wanted to tell her that she


Brian tried to

worry, I will

Brian's words, she lost her appetite, but she still forced

an office supply store in the front. I need to get some much-needed stuff back to the company. You can

in a relaxed tone, as if

so she wanted to get away from him as soon as

at an office-supply store, then drove to the intersection ahead to turn

Brian's car drive away and

didn't have anything to buy, but she knew this office supply store was close to the

directly toward the subway entrance, but


the window and

you doing

Winnie was surprised.

going? I can give you a ride,

on my way to the company. It is not convenient to

in, I can’t

for fear of violation the rules, but for fear that Winnie did not

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