Hey, My Twins Babies

Chapter 211 Penny at the Police Station

Winnie leaned on Brian's shoulder. Because it was fictitious, she just wanted to relieve herself.

Winnie sighed, then closed her eyes and began to speak.

“I don't know why you always find fault with me. I tried to avoid you, we have ended our relationship. Why do you still care who I drink with?"

"Aren't you tired? There's so much for you to do, and you're here to fight me. Are you afraid of me finding a stepfather for the children? Don't worry, I can do what I promise you. Let alone Leo, I will never even make Brian the children's stepfather."

Winnie was not satisfied with Brian's criticism. She knew what to do and did not need irrelevant people to advise her.

“I'm the father, so I have a right to mind your business. Your impropriety in your conduct will have bad impact on the children."

Brian heard grievance and helplessness in Winnie's tone, but she had been enduring. Such forbearance made Brian distressed.

"You are father, I am the mother, and it is the only relationship between us. You have the right to control the children but not me."

"There is no indiscretion in my life...You are my first man and you are still the only one. Am I not disciplined?"

"Well, it's no use telling you that. You're the last person who trusts me."

"Talking with you is so depressing. Don't say anything now. Just let me lean on you for a while."

Winnie felt heartache and knew whether in real life or in the illusion, Brian was not suitable for her. No matter where he appeared, he could successfully hurt her heart.

Winnie did not hear Brian’s voice again and she was silent.

The next day.

Winnie was awakened by the sound of a phone call and picked up the phone in a daze.


"Miss Chambers, I'm a police officer. I need your help."

The police officer's voice sobered Winnie up immediately.

"What is it?"

“Penny has been clamouring to see you in prison, and tried to kill herself with a toothbrush a few days ago, when the prison police refused her request.”

“We have no control over her except to put her in a room alone, and now she is on hunger strike, saying she will starve to death unless she sees you.”

"Miss Chambers, even though she made a mistake, she is still a fresh life. We want to meet her request. Could you meet her?"

The policeman asked Winnie's opinion humanely.

for a

it was that Penny wanted to

to kill herself if I

Winnie said cautiously.

all on tape and video. It's nobody's business if

As long as you don't say something to stimulate her suicide, it has nothing to do

been ready, waiting for Winnie

do so, but in order not to see Penny die like that, they had to make

right, I'll see

phone and

make tricks, after all, she did not repent at the last moment. But she

she was OK, to see if she had reflection after

get out of bed and then she realized that she

if awakened from a dream. She

hilltop villa? Brian? How did she

Was it the real Brian? Was the dream she had last

expected, she did

crazy, I must be crazy. How can I be here again? Winnie, you

scolded herself as she put on her

can't drink anymore, or I will choke myself to

to find that there was a note on the bedside table

Wait for me downstairs the company at

the note on the

to say? The outcome would

She planned to go to the police station to see Penny first. She still

got to the hilltop villa, but she knew that she must drive Brian's car to leave. She took a

interview room at the

worry, Miss Chambers, she can't do you any harm. Just remember not to say anything

any accident and repeatedly told

know. I'll

Winnie’s voice fell, Penny pushed the

that Penny got thin, Winnie felt upset. She had been punished and she must


expression softened and changed her

thank you for coming

that Penny

was only one glass in between and there were

to see me and I came. Why do you want to

did not know what kind of identity should be used to talk

friends, please help me.

several days for this opportunity, so she

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