Hey, My Twins Babies

Chapter 213 Over Winnie

After listening to Brian's words, Kevin understood why he was in low spirits. On the one hand, he could not be over Winnie, and on the other hand, he felt guilty to Wendy.

"Did you talk to Winwin?"

Kevin asked again.

"I wanted to, but I never got the chance."

Wendy appeared when he was about to say it, and he swallowed the words back.

"Then talk to her, why no chance?"

"Then don't talk."

Kevin and Daenerys said together, but the meaning was completely opposite.

Daenerys stared at Kevin and continued to say.

"Mr. Bennet, you should know some love can't be together for so many reasons, and some love has to give up. That's what's going on between you and Winwin. Your love can't protect her, so don't let her know."

Daenerys still objected.

"Mr. Bennet, you are so entangled because you don’t love her much. You still have Wendy in your heart, so you better choose Wendy."

"Daenerys, I want to know why you say so."

Brian did not mean to blame Daenerys, he just wanted to know the reason. Maybe she meant what Winnie meant.

"There is no why. I just want Winwin to spend the rest of her life in peace."

"You should know what she had been through, Mr. Bennet. Accidents happen one after another after meeting you, and you could not stop those accidents. Winwin is just a woman. If she loses her life because of love, I don't think it's worth it. It's not worth it because you don't love her enough."

Daenerys stopped and sighed. She felt that since the subject had already begun, she should speak more seriously and thoroughly. So they could move on and live their lives.


Brian wanted to explain, but he thought of his grandfather's warning. His grandfather would also cause harm to Winnie, he still could not ensure that Winnie was safe.

"If you really love her, you would give up everything, even your current status. If you really love her, you would do anything for her at all costs. Obviously you can't. You cannot give up your current status and Wendy. Since you cannot give up everything, leave Winwin alone. Silent guarding is also a kind of love.

Daenerys was sad to say those words, after all, she was in the obstruction of them.

Winnie loved Brian and Brian also loved Winnie, but too many factors were mixed between them. Even if they loved each other, even if they walked hand in hand, the road was full of thorns.

"Mr. Bennet, you are like the emperor in ancient times, and Penny, Wendy and Winwin are your concubines. The competition for favor in the harem is more insidious than everything else. Penny is not there, but no one can guarantee that Wendy is not vicious. You know a woman will do anything to protect her love."

Daenerys made a metaphor of the current situation of Brian. She just wanted to tell Brian, he was superior and there were many women liked him. Even if he got married with Wendy, other women would be around.

Bennet, Winwin is the most uncalculating of them all and she was too kind. For the sake of your love, don't bother

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You will live happily together. I don't think you want to see Winwin alone. I think setting her free

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“Why don't you reply?”

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"It is about Luke."

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