Hey, My Twins Babies

Chapter 214 must be made clear

Wendy was emotional and did not want to confirm her speculation. She said with her voice rising uncontrollably and fury of disappointment.

"Brian, why didn't you tell me before I came back? What do you by that?"

"It is my fault. I didn't know my daughter existed when you decided to come back, and I didn't know about her until recently. But I must tell you now, because you would be even angrier if I tell you after we get married.”

Brian said sorry, but there was no guilty expression on his face, instead, he was brimming with happiness.

Looking at the happiness on Brian's face, Wendy panicked. Was this happiness coming from his daughter, or from her mother?

"You mean her mother has been keeping it a secret, so she is selfish and wants to use the child to be with you?"

"No, she not that kind of person. She doesn't want anything from me. She just wants to live with the children.”

Brian explained and did not want to hear someone say something bad about Winnie. In his heart Winnie is perfect. Even if she had shortcomings, it could only be said by him, others were not qualified to say so.

"She wants nothing? If she was really so noble, why did she do surrogacy."

Wendy was flurried and upset because Brian's words. She only said one sentence, and Brian began to defend her. Brian hurt her and trampled on her self-esteem.

"Wendy, please don't get her involved in our affairs. It is true that she is a surrogate, but it has nothing to do with you, and you cannot denigrate her."

Brian was angry, but he suppressed, but he did not control his tone. He found that as long as Winnie was mentioned, he could not calm down. This was also a way of love.

"Brian, you still protect her. You like her, don't you?"

Wendy got tears in eyes. She did not expect that and it was a heavy blow to her.

"I said it had nothing to do with her, and we should not get her involved in our business. I told you all these things, now you have two children to think about. If you can accept them, we will get married. If you can't..."

"If you can leave both children with that woman, but you can’t contact with that woman, we'll get married now."

Wendy did not dare to let Brian finish his words. She was afraid that Brian gave up her because of the two children. Now he had changed and it was not that Brian who was willing to wait for her.

She could not bear it now that he might go into another woman's arms if she were not careful.


Brian did not say any more, but frowned deeply.

This was the woman he had been waiting for for so many years, but she could not accept his children.

the office, Brian spoke

children can stay with her, but it is impossible that I don’t contact her, after all, there are children. I didn't tell Grandpa about the children. If he knows, he would probably let me stay with the mother of the children. After all, he will think about the children.

Brian's tone softened.

not to let grandpa know, he could only give Wendy sense of crisis, so as to keep the secret of the children and the two children could be

was the right choice that Winnie had the two children. Winnie insisted on having the children, because she guessed that Wendy

should thank for Winnie, or his

touch with that woman about the

children. I will miss the children and will see the children often. You said you will contact with the children's mother, do you

to marry you, I won't get in touch the children's mother. You don't need to

see the children and Winnie, and he could not let Wendy contact with

woman. We are

promised her, she panicked

married until you see Grandpa. We will go to the old house tonight. By the way, Uncle Thomas

married made him feel terrible, because


bad mood since she saw Brian and

home, she couldn't show it. She couldn't tell anyone. She was

now, Brian had been calling her. But she could not pick it up and she did not know what to say. Should

use that way to let her give up. Didn't

was so happy and natural,

had to work overtime and then she went to visit her

the smiling faces on the tombstone, Winnie did not want to disturb their peace

are you all right? Aunt and Vanessa as well as me and the children are all right. Don't worry about us. Just take care of

repaid, I want to buy back the villa where we used to live. There

because the memories Brian gave her were too painful. It was like a scar got uncovered. It was a terrible

the backbone of her class and school. She


news and did

better and said goodbye to them. Winnie decided to go

find her car, a familiar


called Winnie from

mother because of depression, but when

excited. He had been calling her for two days, but she did not

did not turn around and she could tell it was

she had to face it. For the children, she had

gathered her emotions and forced herself to look calm. Then she turned around

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