Hey, My Twins Babies

Chapter 216 Treat Aunt

What Albert saw in Wendy's eye was different from that in Winnie's eyes. Although he did not have a girlfriend, he could see love in Winnie's eyes.

Brian did not speak and gave his hukou to Albert after being silent for a while.

"Go off work after you send it."

Brian said in a low voice. Albert left.

Brian came to the rest room. Lying on the bed, he thought about what Albert had just said.

His words made senses, but he did notice if Wendy had changed since she came back, because his mind and his attention had not been on Wendy.

Brian did not feel sleepy at all. Although it was very late, he was enjoying at the moment. Only when he was alone at this moment would he miss Winnie without any fear.

If they could meet earlier, he would choose Winnie without hesitation and no matter in what way, he would make Winnie his wife who got approval of grandpa.

Regrettably, they met too late.

Winnie decided to forget everything and put all her energy into her work. Only in this way could she forget Brian, the man who hated her.

Winnie was working hard in the office. Leo knocked at the door and came in.

"Winwin, there is a good news. The government has found advantages in the process of experiment of our software and is ready to promote it to the whole country, so that your company can be famous an, there will be a lot of partners to cooperate with you."

Leo said excitedly. He was more excited about that than his success.

What he hoped most now was that Winnie would go well, and that she would live the rest of her life with only happiness instead of pain.

"That's great, thank you very much. Leo, without you, our company would not have this chance. I really appreciate it."

Winnie thanked him from the heart. She knew Leo was excited because of her, she also knew Leo chose to cooperate with their small company because of her.

Leo offered constant help, and Winnie did not know how to thank him. Even if he owed her before, it should have been paid off.

"We have cooperation and we get mutual benefit, you don't need to thank me. It is me should thank you. We are new in software industry, but we made achievements thanks to you."

"Winwin, work in my company. I will give you more shares than you have here. Our company really needs you."

Although Leo communicated with Winnie with a smile, he was sincere. Leave alone his personal feelings, Winnie's ability would make his company have a great leap forward, and it would be possible to surpass the Bennet Group.

"Never mind, I'm fine here. I dare not accept shares in a company as big as yours. It's good for us to cooperate as much as we can."

"Leo, let’s have lunch today. It's my treat..."

"It's my treat."

Leo interrupted Winnie and continued to speak.

Vanessa to come, as well as your aunt and two children, let’s have a

"It is troublesome..."

her. A good friend’s aunt is my aunt, I should welcome her and it is

words of good friend, for fear that Winnie would have burden, for fear that Winnie

is the deal. I will send you the location and specific time.

came in a hurry and left in a hurry because he wanted to make


the restaurant with

had been

Vanessa, so Winnie introduced


you, Aunt. I am Leo, Winwin's

Leo greeted her gently.

Nice to meet

liked this young man who

long ago since you have come back, Aunt, but I've been

modestly and politely. He could see that Winnie's aunt was also a good person. From her

friend, we are one family. Families don’t need to be so

with it. She felt at ease because Leo was gentle, and it seemed that he was a

"Aunt, have a seat."

"Ok, you too."

handsome. She did not know whether this young man had a family background or not, if he had not, he

I told

Leo questioned.

have already had lunch by this time, and will take a nap

order food. Vanessa has a

Winnie also sat down.

did not like Leo very much after they had Brian, so Winnie did not want to bring

likes to eat, so I've basically chosen all the dishes here, just to save

looked to the

food can

of me. But we can’t


moment she saw Leo, she knew that Leo did not give up her sister, and

You are a pillar of the state and I should attach importance to you. Vanessa, if there's something you can't solve at school, just tell me,

he would offer help, so as to reduce

"Rest assured, I will."

long ago, but it was said by

was harmonious. It was not like the first time they

but Isobel refused. Their home was opposite the restaurant, she could walk back and it would

and Vanessa was back to

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