His Choice Forever

Chapter 19 Chapter 19


"I'm your.... Doom." She says and cuts off the call leaving me hanging, scared to death.

I stay frozen at the spot ,not knowing what to do. My mind becomes numb after the phone call. A shake brings me back to reality.

"Mia!!!" Scott shouts shaking me and I look at him and then it hits me. Beth's been kidnapped and I scream and scream which turns to panicking.

"Mia!!! What's wrong. Emilia!!!" Scott yells out again and continue shaking me and I start calming down but then I start sobbing uncontrollably and slide down the door with Scott next to me, trying to calm me down.

"Calm down. Its okay Mia. I'm here for you," Scott says trying to calm me down which works in a way and my lips went to his and he kissed me back... we laid on our backs on the floor. This is what he does to me. One kiss and I forget everything. He pulls his trousers down and my panties too. I feel him thrust in me and we were going in an amazing rhythm until he came in me. What are you doing Emilia?! and I remember what was going on. I push him away, pick up my panties and run into my room, remembering to lock the door.

"Mia Mia! Please open the door. I am so sorry for what just happened?" I don't say anything as I think of what is going on. How could it just slip my mind? I literally just had sex whereby my sister is missing! What is wrong with me?!!!

"Emilia please just tell me what happened? Please! Isn't Beth okay? I thought she was fine that's why what happened just happened.." and I burst into tears fully. I slip down the door as I cried my eyes out.

"Emilia! Please open the door!!" I open it and he rushes in and holds me.

"Who called you Mia. You said Beth on the phone but why will you be crying? Who called you Mia?" Scott asks.

"It-it was Beth. She's been ki- kidnapped" I say 'kidnapped' so faintly.

"But she called you so...." I shook my head.

"The kidnapper gave her the phone to talk to me Scott. Beth's been kidnapped." I say and start sobbing. Scott holds me tight muttering sweet things to my ear.




wasn't in support to it because and I quote 'its too late. Let's start tomorrow. I have resources that can help.' Which I just rolled my eyes at. He thinks everything works out with money. I was dressing up so we could eliminate the plan. I had on a black leggings with a black hoodie and black sneakers and tied

carry out this plan." Scott tries to convince me which I

I have to leave and rescue Beth." I say as I wear my black gloves

Mia, I have resources so don't worry. We can

need to find Beth today

to her so just calm down and relax" Scott says and I just stare at him,

should.... relax?" I

and I let

asleep when I know my sister has been kidnapped. I should relax... That's what your telling me to do? I can't believe you. Wow. I should relax" I let out another bitter laugh and glare at him for

that you should just be calm

tenses up but

so coldly, it sent shivers down my spine

do you want again? What do you want?! I told you to leave Emilia and her family alone and I'll give you what you want but you didn't listen so what do you want huh?!" He yells a little bit and I knew he was angry but then I saw the nervousness

"Wh-what? He stutters.

her o-o-okay? I'll give you what you want. Just tell me where you are." He

that Scott?"

no one." He

was that? If it was no one, why would you say you told him or her to leave I and my family alone?" I say and then he sighs out and I smirk a little, knowing I

the person who..kidnapped Beth."


if you were okay which was the day I came to your house that night we did something was the first time they attacked the office. I..I didn't tell you." He says, his head down and I

do they want in exchange?" I ask

He sighs

do they want?!" I say, my voice

and I furrow my

can't te-" his cell phone cuts him off again

"Hello?" He answers

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