His Immense Desires




It's a Monday morning, typical Monday. I remembered how it is on a Monday morning in Qatar.

Everywhere would be so noisy, but due to the fact it's an estate and also very close to a college, no noise could be heard.

This is one thing I love over Qatar, maybe more are yet to come, I remembered the reason I came here and hurriedly but grumpily stood up from bed.

It's gonna be a long day tho, I could feel it in my bone marrows, I looked up and checked the time, shit it's late.

That was like half past ten, I overslept,maybe it's because of the flight, but my subconscious mind said," or maybe, it's because of the pretty young lady you were thinking about, check the proof".

"what proof?", I said to myself, look down, my subconscious mind said.

. Ohh shit, I was damn aroused, I could see my precum staining my boxer, it had form a tent down there, this isn't just the normal wet dreams every grown up wakes up to see.

Damn this is called being horny, I am so fucked up right now, and there's no time to feel and cum, or roll and slide.

This is time for work, there's only one we way out, and that is bathing with cold water, that's just one way out, I could take care of this later at night.

I was done bathing, I quickly dried my body with my towel. I opened my drawers and brought out my well tailored two piece immaculate white suit.

This was the suit sewed by my tailor in Qatar, he's one of the best. I wore it on and called on my driver.


I walked into the company, with the way it is, I knew one thing, that it has been lacking proper maintenance.

Lots of work to do, I looked back to notice that all eyes were on me, it's not like they know am the owner, maybe it was my outfit that made them all drooling.

I was still thinking in my head when I heard a voice, my personal assistant.

"Sir you would be having a meeting with all the directors, also, the organization of companies in Jamaica will be coming here to survey the company, by 2pm sir", she listed out.

"Organization of companies in Jamaica???, For what?, How does our company concerns them, this is a fashion and clothing company.

they have no

it's just their code of conduct, because according to the management staff, they come here every

sure all the protocols and laws to be observed by companies

that, alright the first meeting will commence by 11am this morning right?" "Yes


which would be taking us to the second floor cause I think that's

to notice that no one was

ran my hands through my hair, to show how frustrated I am at the

just sit here and wait for them. It was around half past twelve, I woke up to the ruffling of feets, they are

cool, they

meeting is supposed to commence by 11am, it's half past twelve, yet not

Who is the head of management?", I asked, with all

five minutes before I saw

of management", it was a statement literally and not a

"Yes sir", he

between us, I want to see all the activities that has

When I say the sales, I mean the interest, capital, losses, all information pertaining this business I want all of them right on

I will be going up, I hope that before I get there, it's already on my desk. I don't really know how you're gonna do


well here in Jamaica, I didn't know some scumbags were playing me

can remember vividly, you emailed the Head

us, Mr Reynolds, can you?", I asked

really can't

can't remember, then I will help you to

company needs a huge amount of money", I paused, "can

"No sir", he replied.

has been caught yet he still lies, I don't want to hurt him in a way

we signed and told the bank to pay to this company, so as to fund it, an--", I didn't complete the

as much as I'm the head of management and everything concerning this company rests on me, I can vow to you that I never

like that, how can I

Don't you think I would have travelled outta the country with such huge money",

it has to be him, because the email was directly from this company, I am not too old to

perfectly well that I see clearly, the man felt hurt by what I said, and

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