His Immense Desires



****AAMINA'S POV****

I smiled as I listened to all they were saying, I guess I was right, I had in mind that Floyd my ex-husband never died.

Amancia had deliberately made the Emir believe that she has gotten over him and he's dead.

That man is a dog, I wished things could run faster, but I guess this is just the best, I will be so patient enough to see them going down slowly without knowing what struck them.

I suffered for this man, I went through a lot because of him, I sacrificed myself just for his happiness.

The love I gave him was raw and undiluted love, like a newly tapped wine, yet he had the effrontery to turn his back on me.

He's gonna suffer because of this, and when he finally goes down, I will make sure that the Queen goes down with him, let her feel my pains.


After my husband died, which was on on the 1st of September, 1996. I decided to avenge all those that had hands in his death.

I had gone to Japan to learn how to fight under a secret agency, I worked there for ten years before I was granted freedom.

Within those ten years, the head of the secret agent had helped in finding out the real cause of my husband's death.

He went on investigation for three years, at the end of the third year, he came back looking so sullen.

I had asked him the matter with him, he was all quiet.

Within me I knew the main reason he had helped in investigating my case is because of my mental health then, back then I was mentally disorientated.

One glance at me one will know that if I wasn't given proper health care medication, I would probably end up in the streets.

I guess that was the reason he was so interested in my case.

"You won't believe what I found out", Mr krennon, the head of the secret service agent said.

"Please sir, what did you find out, I'm all ears, please tell me you finally found those behind the death of my husband", I said.

"Aamina, calm down please, you need to relax, breathe in and out, before I would consider spilling it out", he stated.

I followed the

"Am all

but your husband faked his death, he did that when the Emir found out he's been sleeping with

and by the help of the Queen and the loans given to him by Amancia, he travelled

to after everything I really don't know, but what I know for sure is that he was given a large sum of money

him the money, he went

on the floor and started weeping, all the memories I fought to hold on to, came

wanted no one consoling me, I

taking revenge, it's all about making things

you will go on a revenge mission, and you have to be very strong for this, if you ain't strong, you won't win through

could always talk to me when you feel like you are ready

I made up my mind that I am going

year, my training was based on

the basic skills and techniques for survival, because within me I knew a time

second thought, I


I know where to

me by Mr. Krennon, he said it's from someone

I want an evidence that the woman has been seeing the man, I need you all to watch her

I need an evidence that is going to bring her down, something that is gonna be life changing for her, not just a mere evidence, something strong and credible", with that said the voice

****FLOYD'S POV****

whoever the unknown person may be,I hope

can never blackmail me, but anything can happen. I turned back to the bed to see her giving me a

stride quickly to the door, not without my Dane gun, I pulled it open, "ohh Teka, what are you doing here", I asked, I was somehow

decided to come

I landed him a heavy slap immediately, as much as he's a new servant, and he's meant to be acknowledged for getting a big meat as this is his first time, he isn't supposed

my other boys to come carry

lower ground is where they beat servants that don't follow the rules if the master, the master might also just

please I'm very sorry, will never go against the words of my master next time, sir please have mercy

at him, grinned wickedly and said," don't worry boy I will make it easier for you, take him to the torture ground, finish him", I said, I heard

torture ground is where people are killed. That's definitely

I turned and saw Amancia putting on her clothes, I hurriedly went to her and held her hand from going

"What does it look like I am trying to do, I am going abck off course, it's late already, no suspicious

I want you, it's been long please, don't

hard and aroused I am for you, or do you want me going to meet another woman, we could


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