His Immense Desires




Typical Steff, making sure she gets what she wants, it's been hours in the boutique yet Steff got no perfect dress according to her to choose from.

I am so tired of standing, my knees, joints, elbows, I mean, practically all my body is hurting.

While I got to stand here and let her select the dress, she goes around talking like a chatter box.

I won't be angry if she's only talking but the fact that she's flirting with a guy is annoying.

So sorry to say but sometimes I feel like steffs", got poor taste in a man, she's just looking for someone to screw.

She gets to blab on how the last guy she met screwed her five times at night and how angry she was when she woke up only to find out that her Fendi nosemask and her Fendi jacket was nowhere to be found.

She was dumbfounded about the act, because according to her, she saw him too big to stoop so low to steal her properties.

Grateful enough they had lodged in a hotel, she wondered what the guy would have made away with if she actually brought him to her house as he had requested.

"Hey Jane, I found the perfect dress for you, why don't you put on this kimonofor a start, just check it out", Steff whined.

"Excuse me!!!, You want me to wear a seen tight and singlet together for a party, I would never try that", I was damn mad at her.

It seems kinda funny right, yeah I know but it doesn't to me.

"Am just joking Janey, alright check this one out, a black pique jersey pants with a white mink cardigan, damn cool", I looked at the dress, it looked so simple and lady-like.

This is so unusual of Steff, to pick something not exposing, I like that tho.

I don't want to look like all those desperate bitches that do come to parties or clubs looking like sluts, exposing all their cleavages and thighs.

I made a mental appreciation of that.

me go try it on", I was about going into the dressing room when I saw the price tag, I screamed a loud,"Whatttt", the white

Does she think of me as a billionaire's daughter

quickly turned around and made a mental check

clothes you just gave me, the trouser and the shirt, what were you thinking of, when you selected the both?, I asked waiting patiently for her to explain herself to

be spending hard cash, how can you have lots of money,

she had to say, so funny "Hey Steff

lot because it's a

true tho, let me spend the money, this is the first outing

tho, but I don't wanna go there looking like a weird. I went in to check the dress, it fitted my slim frame perfectly and

After we were done choosing our


the evening for the party, a party

didn't even need to check myself in

I looked across the bar to see some college students

home, anyways maybe it's the Jamaican way. Thirty minutes into the party I couldn't find Steff, where is

gross, I just shook my head and kept walking in search of steff. I

busy. I looked over and saw the bar man. "Good evening, please two shots of tequila", he

for a strong alcoholic drink. He didn't question me, because

how many times I said,"another one please", but what I know is that after everything u had

even recognize the color of my shoes. I heard someone

left ya for just an hour and ya ghat yaself so drink ya couldn't stand up", she scoffed in her Jamaican

words all sounded blurry


couldn't even take my bath, I touched the waistband of my black pique jersey pant, I

I ha-a-ve mi-ss-ed

are you sure you're okay?", He asked. "Yeah am definitely okay, you know I lo-lo-ve yo-you s-s-so

you drunk?", He asked. At that time I had taken my

be drunk, I am a good girllllllllll right?", I

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